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Monthly Review November 2021

OUT NOW: Our Monthly Review for November 2021, covering topics such as Eurafrican migration control, migration, and displacement in African countries, and news on the European border regime. You can find it here as pdf and here in HTML. In case there is a news item,[…]

8. Dezember 2021

Flüchtlingsabwehr und Klima-Imperialismus

Der Koalitionsvertrag beschreibt eine Festungspolitik, welche die Außengrenzen noch effektiver befestigt. Und die grüne Energie soll bei unbegrenztem Verbrauch, der als „Fortschritt“ bezeichnet wird, in Afrika erzeugt werden.

How Frontex uses a trick to circumvent international law

-- 2021: How Frontex uses a trick to circumvent international law
by Matthias Monroy, Article | read more

The EU is not allowed to return refugees to countries where they face persecution. In 2017, the Commission therefore set up a backdoor for refoulement to North Africa. Published text messages now reveal how Frontex is providing aerial reconnaissance for the Libyan coast guard.

6. Dezember 2021

November 21

MONTHLY REVIEW: NOVEMBER 2021 This monthly press review covers Eurafrican migration control, migration and displacement in African countries and news on the European border regime. In case there is a news item, report, or campaign you would like to flag for in next month’s review[…]

5. Dezember 2021

Migrant Smuggling in Focus

-- 2021: Migrant Smuggling in Focus
by Eurojust, Broshure / PDF | read more

2. Dezember 2021

Effectiveness of EU-funded information campaigns

-- 2021: Effectiveness of EU-funded information campaigns
by Molenaar, F. and Jucker, J., Broshure / PDF | read more

To gain further insights in the effect that information campaigns have on (prospective) migrants, this study therefore uses survey data collected among 584 respondents, comprising West African migrants, returned Malian migrants, and Malian citizens without a history of migration, while showing them the video described[…]

Outsourcing Oppression

-- 2021: Outsourcing Oppression
by Mark Akkermann, Brochure PDF | read more

In September 2020, the European Commission launched its New Pact on Migration and Asylum. Although it had been in the pipeline for some time, it came only weeks after Moria, one of Europe’s largest refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesbos, burned to the[…]

30. November 2021

Border Externalization to West Africa

-- 2021: Border Externalization to West Africa
by Eva Magdalena Stambøl, Blog Post | read more

Border security-building has become a main type of the Global North’s assistance and aid to countries in the Global South. While often framed as state-building, development, or humanitarian action, the main objective of border security aid is to stop unwanted/risky mobility and transnational illicit flows[…]

Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes

-- 2021: Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes
by Border Violence Monitoring Network, Broshure / PDF | read more

The aim of the guide is to map possible legal complaint mechanisms on border human rights violations at domestic and European level for the purposes of Border Violence Monitoring Network and the network’s partners, to share experience and propose some concrete actions to take against human rights violations.[…]

EU External Borders

-- 2021: EU External Borders
by ERCE, E-Book / PDF | read more

The objective of this paper is to critically map the current EU legal framework for deprivation of liberty and restriction on freedom of movement of migrants and asylum seekers, as well as resulting practice, and finally, to discuss the 2020 legislative proposals for EU asylum[…]

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