A Gateway Re-opens

The research for this paper was undertaken with the intention of rapidly bringing together information and analysis related to the Atlantic route towards the Canary Islands from the coast of West Africa, in the context of an increase in departures and arrivals to the Canary Islands since late 2019. Findings include that the Spain’s recent visits to Mauritania and Senegal has put emphasis on security responses as well as the fact that third country nationals are deported to Mauritania under a readmission agreement signed in 2003. After deportation Senegalese and Malian nationals are left without support at their country’s respective borders

Author(s): Mixed Migration Centre

Publisher or Journal: MMC

Year of Publication: 2021

Document Type: Report / PDF

Link: https://mixedmigration.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/160_a_gateway_reopens_research_report.pdf

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