Locked Up and Excluded

This report provides an overview of the use of administrative detention of non- nationals in four members-states of the European Union (EU). While three of those (Italy, Spain, Greece) are points of first arrival for people trying to reach Europe, the fourth one (Germany) is considered a destination country, which people reach by crossing borders internal to the Schengen Area. The way each of these four countries governs migration, including through the use of administrative detention, depends on their position within what has been called the EU border regime – namely the set of rules, laws, structures, agencies and practices that have been developed by EU insti-tutions over the last 30 years to govern migration.

Author(s): Céline Cantat

Publisher or Journal: migreurop

Year of Publication: 2020

Document Type: Broshure / PDF

Link: http://www.migreurop.org/IMG/pdf/gue_migreurop.pdf

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