Draft Report on human rights protection and the EU external migration policy

III. EU cooperation with and financial aid to third countries in the field of migration:

16.Notes with concern the increasing recourse since 2016 to enhanced conditionality between development cooperation and migration management, including return and readmission; […]

17. Notes that a complete, public overview of EU funding to third countries to facilitate cooperation on migration issues remains unavailable; calls on the Commission to provide improved transparency, including by establishing a clear overview of the funds used to finance cooperation with third countries in the field of migration management across all its financial instruments and their implementation, including information on the amount, purpose and source of funding as well as detailed information on any other potential support measures provided by EU agencies such as the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, in order to ensure that Parliament can efficiently perform its institutional role of scrutiny of the implementation of the EU budget;

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Author(s): Committee on Foreign Affairs

Full Title:

Publisher or Journal: European Parliament 2019-2024

Year of Publication: 2020

Document Type: Report / PDF

Link: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/AFET-PR-660103_EN.pdf

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