EU ad hoc relocation: A lottery

Since 2019, borderline-europe, in cooperation with Borderline Sicilia, Council of Refugees Berlin, Equal Rights Beyond Borders and Sea-Watch investigated institutional practices linked to relocation in Italy, Malta and Germany. The report finds among others that the hotspot approach as the European solution does not encourage relocation but instead leads to a massive deprivation of rights and violence. The Maltese case study illustrates that Maltese practices of detention inhibit asylum seekers access to legal and social support. Based on a case study, there the German security check-ups are critically scrutinized. Finally, the German case study highlights that German authorities do not provide sufficient psycho-sociological support, information and assistance.

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Author(s): Borderline Europe

Full Title: EU ad hoc relocation: A lottery from the sea to the hotspots and back to unsafety -What happens to people after being rescued from distress at sea?

Publisher or Journal: Borderline Europe

Year of Publication: 2021

Document Type: Report / PDF / Video


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