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Introduction 4

What undermines the development of the agricultural sector in Southern Italy  10
The Sele plain: the boom of the fourth range  11
Agro Pontino: a basin of excellence that is little exploited  12
The Foggia area: from the tomato crisis to the asparagus explosion  14
Focus: Harvesting by hand versus mechanised harvesting: the tomato 18
Focus: double-drop auctions 20
Focus: the question of labour – semi-invisible, grey and fake labourers  22
The southern sector – poor product valorisation favours large-scale distribution  24
Focus: the evolution of caporalato after the approval of law 199  26

Job insecurity in agriculture: temporary work agencies and the „Murcia case“ 30
Piecework, minimum wage and grey labour  34
ETT, change of production model, large enterprises and investment funds  36
Imbalances in price formation, the European directive and the new law on the food chain 39
Focus: Inspections and the dignity of work  44
Strawberry pickers in Huelva and the limits of original contracts 46
Focus: Lepe and the slums of the last of Huelva  54

Seven years after the Manolada shooting, little has changed  58
The impact of certification and inspection on social standards  61
Towards improved inspections in the agricultural sector  64
Pressures within the supply chain  68
Unfair commercial practices and the transposition of EU directives in Greece  71
Focus: Changing the regulatory tools. Why C129 is not enough to solve the problem  76
Conclusions  78

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Author(s): Associazioneterra

Full Title: E(U)xploitation. IL CAPORALATO: Una Questione Meridonale: Italia, Spagna, Grecia

Publisher or Journal: associazioneterra.it

Year of Publication: 2020

Document Type: Broshure / PDF

Link: https://ffm-online.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/EUxploitation_WEB.pdf

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