Tackling Mobility, Demography and Climate Change in the Sahel

This edited volume presents the findings of a year-long project, revolving around four main axes: first, analysing the factors underpinning good governance in the Sahel, including its main actors, structures and policies; second, focusing on the governance of mobility, demography and climate to explore the relationship between governance and these areas; third, examining specific case studies, namely Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, so as to uncover important insights from the ground; and finally, addressing the role of key international actors in the region, including the EU.

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Author(s): Bernado Venturi (Ed)

Full Title: Governance and Security in the Sahel: Tackling Mobility, Demography and Climate Change

Publisher or Journal: FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Brussels), IAI Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome)

Year of Publication: 2019

Document Type: Book

Link: https://www.feps-europe.eu/attachments/publications/governance%20and%20security%20in%20the%20sahel.pdf

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