Land Grabbing in Africa

The Africa Regional Focal Point (RFP) of Land Matrix covers the whole of the African continent, which is the most targeted region for large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) in the global south. The considerable differences across Africa in terms of scale, intention, and investors suggest that numerous aspects motivate the choice to invest here, including the perceived availability of land and other natural resources, geographical, cultural and historical reasons, and host country specifics such as policy support or market opportunities.

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Die Industrie hat, so glauben einige Beobachter, eine Verbündete in der Gipfel-Präsidentin Agnes Kalibata, einer ruandischen Agrarwissenschaftlerin und Präsidentin der umstrittenen Allianz für eine Grüne Revolution in Afrika, die von der Rockefeller- und der Gates-Stiftung ins Leben gerufen wurde.

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Author(s): Land Matrix

Full Title: The Land Matrix Initiative in Africa

Publisher or Journal: Land Matrix

Year of Publication: 2021

Document Type: Website


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