Nord Afrika

2019: TNI: Hamza Hamouchene
Extractivism and Resistance in North Africa: Algeria is the third largest provider of gas to Europe, while Morocco and Tunisia are very important players in the production of phosphates, which are used as agricultural fertilisers, feeding global agrarian capitalism. Moreover, Tunisia and Morocco export considerable quantities of agricultural produce to Europe. This strategic importance is reflected in the North’s attempts to control these resources through political, military and economic pressure.



2020: Algerie-Eco: Khelifa Litamine
L’Algérie expulse 1500 migrants illégaux vers le Niger: L’Algérie a expulsé plus de 1500 migrants illégaux vers le Niger d’une manière volontaire a indiqué ce jeudi le ministre de l’intérieur Kamel Beldjoud, lors d’une séance plénière à l’APN.



2020: Médecins Sans Frontières
60 people remain in captivity and must be released immediately.



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