Push back solidarity: Kriminalisierung von Solidarität mit Schutzsuchenden

This publication provides an overview of the increasing criminalisation of solidarity with persons seeking protection within theEuropean Union. It shows to what extent this not only has drastic consequences for those affected and thus for those who support them, but also fundamentally questions and threatens our understanding of the rule of law, civil society action, human dignityand human rights. A development which consequently affects all people living in Europe.

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Author(s): Julia Winkler

Full Title: Push back Solidarity - How the European Union criminalizes solidarity with those seeking protection

Publisher or Journal: Borderline Europe

Year of Publication: 2020

Document Type: Broshure / PDF

Link: https://www.borderline-europe.de/sites/default/files/readingtips/Push%20back%20Solidarity_final_ONLINE.pdf

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