Remote Control: EU-Libya

Key Findings:

1. EU aerial assets are deployed to detect migrant boats from the air and guide the so-called Libyan Coast Guard to the locations of escaping boats.

2. Aerial surveillance has led to the capture of tens of thousands of people and their return to the Libyan war zone.

3. Through both aerial surveillance and coordination activities in migrant interceptions, EU actors have violated their SAR obligations and facilitated interception activities of the Libyan authori-ties. EU actors are thus complicit in the systematic violation of human rights

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Author(s): Alarm Phone et al.

Full Title: Remote control:the EU-Libya collaboration in mass interceptions of migrants in the Central Mediterranean

Publisher or Journal: Alarm Phone, Borderline Europe, Mediterranea – Saving Humans, Sea-Watch

Year of Publication: 2020

Document Type: Broshure / PDF


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