Topic 1

Where do EU funds spent on “development” in Africa go?



The EU increasingly conditions development projects by migration control. The money goes primarily to states with migration hubs such as Mali, Niger and Sudan. Apart from these, these funds go to states with which the EU has already concluded deportation or readmission agreements or where it considers a conclusion to be promising.

(C) Thomas Schneider

Topic 2

What about development, democracy and human rights?

The basic goals of development cooperation  ̶ “good governance”, low corruption, and economic development  ̶  have been sidelined. In the first place, the willingness of the state to play gatekeeper for the EU now comes first.


(C) Simone Schlindwein


Topic 3

What would really benefit the people in Africa?

The major question is whether so-called “development aid” really helps people in Africa or whether it rather serves the interest of those in power , of transnational corporations wanting to exploit raw materials and of the members of a small upper class.


(C) Thomas Schneider

Topic 4

Who benefits from armament and border control?

In order to close the routes to Europe, inner-African borders are being technologically upgraded and African border guards are being trained. European manufacturers of security technology (mainly arms companies) receive contracts worth billions.

(C) Laura Lambert

Topic 5

Who are the losers?

Today’s demarcation of African states is the legacy of colonialism. The lines drawn based on European economic and power interests intersect the migration areas of nomadic and pastoralist populations and ethnic kinships. Militarized enforcement of borders threatens local economies and trade routes.

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