Topic 2: What about development, democracy and human rights?

(c) Thomas Schneider

The basic goals of development cooperation  ̶ “good governance”, low corruption, and economic development  ̶  have been sidelined. In the first place, the willingness of the state to play gatekeeper for the EU now comes first. To this end, EU cooperates with dictators, authoritarian regimes and militia leaders. One example is the RSF militias in Sudan, which are responsible for the genocide in Darfur and are now deployed as border guards. Another example is EU’s cooperation with the so-called Libyan Coast Guard. These are militias that first send migrants and refugees out to sea in unseaworthy rubber dinghies, only to “rescue” them and then deport them to sites which resemble concentration camps. A further example is EU’s collaboration with the Egyptian military dictator El Sissi. EU has promised El Sissi billions of euros, despite him having put thousands of political opponents and activists behind bars to silence them.

EU also aims to minimize burocratic obstacles to the deportation of migrants to Africa. EU development funds are therefore not primarily concerned with supporting or creating opportunities for the local population, but with controlling migration at all costs.

On this page we show in detail how regimes, dictators, generals and corrupt presidents enrich themselves on EU funds and thus maintain their power, while people are denied their human rights and opportunities for a better life.

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