News: EU hands 13 Arquus Bastion armored vehicles to Mali for G5 Sahel operations








The European Union recently handed over 13 Arquus Bastion armored vehicles intended to equip the two Malian battalions of the regional G5 Sahel Joint Force.
The vehicles were handed over by the European Union Special Representative for the Sahel, Angel Losada, to Brigadier General Moustapha Drabo, who leads Mali’s Materiel, Hydrocarbon and Army Transport Directorate (DMHTA), the EEAS said on Friday, January 17.

The 13 Bastion armored vehicles handed over included eight configured for troop transport, two for medical evacuations, two designed to combat improvised explosive devices, and one command post vehicle.
They are part of a program to deliver a total of 46 armored vehicles to the G5 Sahel countries, funded via the E.U.’s African Peace Facility.
Thirteen vehicles have already been delivered to Niger, seven to Mauritania, four to Chad and four to Burkina Faso, AFP reported. A European diplomatic source said three more will be supplied to Chad and two to Burkina Faso.

Quelle: The Defence Post

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