Outsourcing Oppression

-- 2021: Outsourcing Oppression
by Mark Akkermann, Brochure PDF | read more

In September 2020, the European Commission launched its New Pact on Migration and Asylum. Although it had been in the pipeline for some time, it came only weeks after Moria, one of Europe’s largest refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesbos, burned to the[…]

Data Collection & Mobility Control

-- 2020: Data Collection & Mobility Control
by Migreurop, Brief / PDF | read more

  Studies on “bordering” are largely concerned with more visible technologies, such as fences, radars or drones. But recent technologies’ advantages are being generalised under the pretext of protecting exiles, providing them with a service or even reinforcing their autonomy. These supposed protections are a[…]

UNHCR-A Surrogate State?

-- 2009: UNHCR-A Surrogate State?
by Slaughter, Amy and Jeff Crisp, Report | read more

The paper argues that humanitarian agencies in general, and UNHCR in particular, have been placed in the position of establishing and assuming responsibility for such “sprawling camps” in order to fill gaps in the international refugee regime that were not envisaged at the time of[…]

Creating Refugees

-- 2020: Creating Refugees
by Vine, David, Cala Coffman, Katalina Khoury, Madison Lovasz, Helen Bush, Rachel Leduc, Jennifer Walkup, Article | read more

Like other wars throughout history, the U.S. post-9/11 wars have caused millions of people—the vast majority, civilians—to fear for their lives and flee in search of safety. Millions have fled air strikes, bombings, artillery fire, drone attacks, gun battles, and rape. People have fled the[…]

Stop IOM!

-- 2004: Stop IOM!
by AntirassismusBüro Bremen, Broshure / PDF | read more

In der Broschüre geht es darum,“die Aktivitäten und Machenschaften der IOM darzustellen. Die Fokusierung auf die IOM ist darin begründet, dass dieser Organisation bei der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Konzepten zur Migrationskontrolle eine herausragende Bedeutung zukommt“. Die Broschüre aus dem Jahr 2004 stand im Zusammenhang[…]

Friedenspolitik von unten

-- 2021: Friedenspolitik von unten
by Johnson, Dominik, Article | read more

Die globale Außenpolitik hat sich verrannt, wie sich zurzeit in Afghanistan offenbart. Séverine Autesserre zeigt in ihrem Buch, wie es anders geht. von Dominik Johnson, zum Buch Severine Autesserre: „The Frontlines of Peace An Insider’s Guide to Changing the World“. Oxford University Press 2021, 240[…]


-- 2021: Sortiermaschinen
by Mau, Steffen, Book | read more

Steffen Mau zeigt in diesem Buch, dass sich Grenzen in Zeitalter der Globalisierung nicht öffneten, sondern zu mächtigen Sortiermaschienen umbebaut wurden. Eine Minderheit der Privilegierten darf überall hin reisen, während die große Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung systematisch ausgegrenzt wird. Mau spricht von Mauern und Bollwerken (Kap.4),[…]

Border Security Report

-- 2021: Border Security Report
by , Website | read more

Border Security Report is the bi-monthly border management industry magazine delivering agency and industry news and developments, as well as more in-depth features and analysis to over 32,000 border agencies, agencies at the borders and industry professionals, policymakers and practitioners, worldwide. It is part of[…]

Bots at the Gate

-- 2018: Bots at the Gate
by Molnar, Petra and Lex Gill, PDF | read more

Summary: This report focuses on the impacts of automated decision-making in Canada’s immigration and refugee system from a human rights perspective. It highlights how the use of algorithmic and automated technologies to replace or augment administrative decision-making in this context threatens to create a laboratory[…]

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