Land Grabbing in Africa

-- 2021: Land Grabbing in Africa
by Land Matrix, Website | read more

The Africa Regional Focal Point (RFP) of Land Matrix covers the whole of the African continent, which is the most targeted region for large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) in the global south. The considerable differences across Africa in terms of scale, intention, and investors suggest that[…]

Diary from Darfur

-- 2021: Diary from Darfur
by Philip Kleinfeld, Article | read more

From global cause to forgotten crisis: A reporter’s diary from Darfur: Since January, hundreds of people have died in attacks that have driven more than 230,000 Darfuris from their homes – four times the number displaced by the conflict in the whole of 2020. More[…]

Large Scale Land Acquisitions

-- 2021: Large Scale Land Acquisitions
by Regina Neudert, Lieske Voget-Kleschin, Report | read more

The study reviewed scientific literature on the microeconomic and social effects of large-scale land acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Eine Zusammenfassung auf DE gibt es in der Bauernstimme. Excerpt from the Key findings: Microeconomic indicators Operation of land deals: roughly half of the deals concluded are[…]

Kenya: Refugees and COVID

-- 2021: Kenya: Refugees and COVID
by Segadlo, Nadine; Krause, Ulrike; Zanker, Franzisca; Edler, Hannah, Working Paper | read more

This working paper is based on a qualitative questionnaire crafted to better understand how exactly the COVID-19 pandemic has affected refugees and refugee protection in six African countries: namely Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. We sought to gain insight into the perspectives[…]

Main Actors Irregular Migration: Sudan

-- 2018: Main Actors Irregular Migration: Sudan
by El Makki, A., PDF | read more

Table with Info on government institutions involved in irregular migration on national and sub-national level, as well as Civil Society actors, and Private sector actors. This document is being referred to from the Wiki-Entry about the Khartoum Process. See: Actors in Irregular migration W.S-2

The Big Wall

-- 2021: The Big Wall
by Giacomo Zandonini, Remo Romano, Bojan Milinkovic, Website | read more

An ActionAid investigation into how Italy tried to stop migration from Africa, using EU funds, and how much money it spent                     There are satellites, drones, ships, cooperation projects, police posts, repatriation flights, training centers. They[…]

African Civil Society Perspectives on EU Africa Cooperation

-- 2020: African Civil Society Perspectives on EU Africa Cooperation
by ECRE, Article | read more

ECRE has become increasingly concerned about the impact of Europe’s toxic migration control policies on other regions, including Africa. As European and some EU policy-makers clamour to make migration deals with African governments, to get them to prevent migration, to contain people or to accept[…]

AU-Center for Illegal Migration in Khartoum

-- 2019: AU-Center for Illegal Migration in Khartoum
by , Article | read more

The Sudanese government on Saturday signed an agreement to host the African Union’s Center for Illegal Migration. Under the agreement, Khartoum will become the permanent headquarters of the center. These initiatives were financed by a 4.5 billion euro ($ 5 billion) European fund for measures[…]

IOM in Djibouti

-- 2018: IOM in Djibouti
by Sabine Dini, Article | read more

This article analyses the activities of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Djibouti, and especially its capacity-building activities in the field of migration management. It ethnographically documents how these projects transform state sovereignty. It argues that this is done not only through the Djiboutian[…]

Towards a Borderless Africa?

-- 2019: Towards a Borderless Africa?
by Eva Dick; Benjamin Schraven, Broshure | read more

The vision of a united Africa and the rejection of the arbitrary borders created by European colonial powers have for decades been at the heart of pan-African endeavours. Achieving the free movement of persons on the continent was a key aim of the 1991 Abuja[…]

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