IOM in Djibouti

This article analyses the activities of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Djibouti, and especially its capacity-building activities in the field of migration management. It ethnographically documents how these projects transform state sovereignty. It argues that this is done not only through the Djiboutian[…]

Towards a Borderless Africa?

The vision of a united Africa and the rejection of the arbitrary borders created by European colonial powers have for decades been at the heart of pan-African endeavours. Achieving the free movement of persons on the continent was a key aim of the 1991 Abuja[…]

Darfuri migration from Sudan to Europe

This study documents for the first time the experiences of young Darfuris, mainly men, fleeing Sudan for Europe. It is one of the very few research studies that has looked at the whole process of migration for a particular population group – ethnic Darfuris –[…]

Ten Conflicts to Worry About in 2021

Conflict levels in 2020 slightly decreased from 2019 in all regions except Africa. Still, many conflicts continued unabated despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, and several took on new dimensions as actors responded to the health crisis. Because the pandemic is a unique development, we expect[…]

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