Desparate Journeys

Laut dem jüngsten UNHCR-Bericht über die Situation auf dem Mittelmeer, der gestern veröffentlicht wurde, waren mehr als ein Viertel der Migrant*innen, die in diesem Jahr auf der Mittelmeerroute nach Europa gekommen sind, Kinder. Viele von ihnen kamen ohne ihre Eltern, einige in Begleitung anderer Verwandter[…]

Balkan Region Report –October 2020

In October, the Border Violence Monitoring Network published 40 reports of pushbacks and police violence at European Union borders. These cases, which relate the experience of 1003 people-on-the-move, are a testament to the brutal border systems in place at internal and external EU borders. Respondents[…]

Transnational Migrants Coordination

On October 17 the Transnational Migrant Coordination (TMC) published their first joint journal: “The TMC was born after months of struggles and communication among migrants and non-migrants’ collectives from all Europe, Morocco and Turkey, in the first attempt of transnational organization of migrants.The TMC was[…]

Aegean Regional Analysis

Human rights violations reached a new level in the Aegean Sea and at the Greek-Turkish land border from the beginning of March. The escalation went along with acts of repression against NGOs and solidarity structures for refugees and migrants. The regional analysis covers the escalation[…]

Deportation Union: EU’s push to increase forced removals

Deportation Union provides a critical examination of recently-introduced and forthcoming EU measures designed to increase the number of deportations carried out by national authorities and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex. It focuses on three key areas: attempts to reduce or eliminate rights[…]

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