Decrypting ICMPD

Despite its substantial growth since its establishment in 1993, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is still a relatively small organization in terms of staff and budget compared to other key actors of the EU border regime. Over the years however, ICMPD turned[…]

Return Mania

When it comes to irregular migration and management of border control, Egypt may seem to be the good student of the Mediterranean. In 2018, Egypt’s internal development minister recalled that “no illegal immigration boat has departed from Egypt since 2016 […] because Egypt has adopted[…]

Return Mania

The research provides an overview of the current return policies and practices in the Euro-Mediterranean region and sheds a light on the violations of human rights entailed by this “return obsession”, which is shared across Member States, EU institutions and third countries alike. The report[…]

Italy: Fast Track Deportation of Tunisians

Tunisian migrants and asylum seekers being held on boats off the coast of Italy have drowned or attempted suicide. Story of people moving from Tunisia to to Lampeduza, with interviews and fotos. Following a five-fold increase in Tunisian migration in 2020 – which has put[…]

The Big Wall

An ActionAid investigation into how Italy tried to stop migration from Africa, using EU funds, and how much money it spent                     There are satellites, drones, ships, cooperation projects, police posts, repatriation flights, training centers. They[…]

Tunisia: Queer and Feminist Militants

A decade after the 2011 Revolution, a new generation of Tunisians is back on the streets as a broad, intersectional movement united through grassroots militancy. Subaltern groups were key actors in this new form of popular mobilization that called for human and social rights, living[…]

Pushbacks in Melilla: ND and NT v. Spain

Eine Untersuchung von Forensic Architecture (FA) und des Europäischen Zentrums für Verfassungs- und Menschenrechte (ECCHR) kritisiert das Urteil des Europäischen Gerichtshofs für Menschenrechte im Fall N.D. und N.T. gegen Spanien zu Push-Backs an den spanisch-marokkanischen Grenzzäunen. Nach Ansicht der spanischen Regierung hätten die Beschwerdeführenden legale[…]

Libya: The Torture Factory

Medici per i dritti humani published a report „The Torture Factory“ on March 17, 2020 that raises concern over the human rights violations against migrants and refugees in Libya. The report draws on over  3 000 testimonies of migrants that passed through Libya prior to[…]

African Civil Society Perspectives on EU Africa Cooperation

ECRE has become increasingly concerned about the impact of Europe’s toxic migration control policies on other regions, including Africa. As European and some EU policy-makers clamour to make migration deals with African governments, to get them to prevent migration, to contain people or to accept[…]

Security and Migration

  Sara Prestianni hat bei ARCI eine Studie herausgebracht, welche die EU-Politik und insbesondere die italienische Politik der Migrationsabwehr, die ausufernde Rolle von FRONTEX und Eindrücke von Konferenzen der Sicherheitsindustrie, Stand März 2019, untersucht. Die Broschüre  konzentriert sich auf drei Fallbeispiele: Libyen, Niger und Ägypten.

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