Operation Barkhane im Sahel

-- 2021: Operation Barkhane im Sahel
by Denis M. Tull, Article / PDF | read more

Die Rückkehr auf das Niveau vor dem Mini-Aufwuchs (4 500 Soldaten) oder perspektivisch eine noch stärkere Reduzierung mag überraschen, da der Aufwuchs in rein mili­tärischer Hinsicht effektiv war. Laut Gene­ral­stabschef François Lecointre erhöhte er das Volumen der direkt an Operationen betei­ligten Kräfte um 70 %.[…]

Covid-19 and Migrants in Niger

-- 2021: Covid-19 and Migrants in Niger
by Mixed Migration Centre, Report / PDF | read more

This survey considers the impact of Covid-19 on the mobility, livelihood situation and socio-economic rights, such as access to healthservices, sanitation, housing and education in Niger between July and September. 527 migrants (30% and 70%) were questioned. Among others, 91 % of all respondents stated[…]

Pastoralists Between Hope and Despair

-- 2021: Pastoralists Between Hope and Despair
by Loïc Bisson et al., Broshure / PDF | read more

This report takes an empathetic approach to pastoralists as it explores what drives pastoralists and probes into structural problems. It argues that deep-seated socio-political and economic relations have changed at the micro and macro levels and uncovers the underlying structural causes and driving forces that[…]

Frankreich: Unser schwieriger Partner

-- 2021: Frankreich: Unser schwieriger Partner
by Wolfram Lacher, Broshure / PDF | read more

This study points to the disappointing record German and French policy in the crisis states of Mali and Libya . While German engagement has remained largely ineffective, French policy has often demonstrably contributed to further destabilisation. Die Bilanz deutscher und französischer Politik in den Krisenstaaten[…]

Dossier: Unraveling the Sahel

-- 2021: Dossier: Unraveling the Sahel
by Camillo Casola (Ed), Report / Website | read more

The security situation in Africa’s Sahel region is worsening. The number of attacks attributed to jihadi groups and self-defence militias peaked in 2020, and so did the number of casualties. Violent extremism intersects community-based conflicts and inter-ethnic tensions in rural areas. Meanwhile, human rights violations[…]

Burkina Faso Self Defence Groups

-- 2021: Burkina Faso Self Defence Groups
by Annabelle Willeme, Anna Schmauder, Article | read more

In Early 2020, the ‘Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland’ (VDP) was created on the back of existing self-defense groups in Burkina Faso such as the Koglweogo and Dozo. Upon creation, Burkinabé president Roch Kaboré emphasized that the VDP were to be an inclusive[…]

Niger – Repression im Namen von Corona

-- 2020: Niger – Repression im Namen von Corona
by Christian Jakob, Article | read more

Christian Jakob berichtet von den Protesten in der nigrischen Hauptstadt Niamey, die einem Korruptionsskandal der Regierung folgten und an dem drei Menschen in einem Feuer ums Leben kamen. Der Ausbruch des Feuers ist offiziell noch ungeklaert. Lokalen Beobachtern zufolge hatten Tränengasgeschosse der Polizei Stoffballen am[…]

Managing Trafficking in Northern Niger

-- 2020: Managing Trafficking in Northern Niger
by International Crisis Group, Report / PDF | read more

Der Report der International Crisis Group mit dem oben genannten Titel beschreibt das informelle Geflecht von Beziehungen rund um den Schmuggel von Drogen, Gold und Migrant*innen im nördlichen Niger, welches durch die europäischen Interventionen – vor allem durch die mit Milliarden Euro erkauften Einschränkungen des[…]

African Civil Society Perspectives on EU Africa Cooperation

-- 2020: African Civil Society Perspectives on EU Africa Cooperation
by ECRE, Article | read more

ECRE has become increasingly concerned about the impact of Europe’s toxic migration control policies on other regions, including Africa. As European and some EU policy-makers clamour to make migration deals with African governments, to get them to prevent migration, to contain people or to accept[…]

EU Security Policy in Niger

-- 2019: EU Security Policy in Niger
by Léonard Colomba-Petteng, Report / PDF | read more

Brussels‘ clear goal is to strengthen the capabilities of Niger’s internal security forces, and at the same time foster the country’s economic development. But the effective implementation of the development-security nexus does not stand up well to the study of local dynamics and deserves to[…]

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