Large Scale Land Acquisitions

The study reviewed scientific literature on the microeconomic and social effects of large-scale land acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Eine Zusammenfassung auf DE gibt es in der Bauernstimme. Excerpt from the Key findings: Microeconomic indicators Operation of land deals: roughly half of the deals concluded are[…]

The Big Wall

An ActionAid investigation into how Italy tried to stop migration from Africa, using EU funds, and how much money it spent                     There are satellites, drones, ships, cooperation projects, police posts, repatriation flights, training centers. They[…]

Border of Spain: The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands became in 2020 the main entrance for people on the move in Spain. There were more than 40.000 arrivals by sea, only 1.755 by land. This vas more than 50% increase compared to 2019. Of these, 23.023 perple entered to the Canaries[…]

Senegal: Young Men Risk All to Reach Europe

As tourism plummets and fishing nets go empty, more are attempting the treacherous 1,000 mile journey to the Canaries […] In October last year, a boat carrying 200 migrants exploded off the coast of Senegal, killing him and 139 others. “Now he is gone, I[…]

Covid-19 and Migrants in Niger

This survey considers the impact of Covid-19 on the mobility, livelihood situation and socio-economic rights, such as access to healthservices, sanitation, housing and education in Niger between July and September. 527 migrants (30% and 70%) were questioned. Among others, 91 % of all respondents stated[…]

A Gateway Re-opens

The research for this paper was undertaken with the intention of rapidly bringing together information and analysis related to the Atlantic route towards the Canary Islands from the coast of West Africa, in the context of an increase in departures and arrivals to the Canary[…]

COVID 19 Paralyzing Migrants

The Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) published on April 09, 2020 a commentary by freelance journalist Giacomo Zandonini on the impact of Covid-19 on migration in West Africa. As the Coronavirus is also spreading across West Africa, the „impacts are huge, multi-layered and[…]

Nigeria – Wohin fließen die Milliarden

Beispiel Nigeria – Wohin fließen die Milliarden, die Europa ausgibt, um die Migration zu stoppen Drei Journalist*innen gehen in ihrer Recherche, die zuerst unter dem Titel Niemand weet, niemand weet… hoe Europa zijn migratiemiljarden besteedt in niederländischer Sprache auf dem Portal De Correspondent erschienen ist,[…]

African Civil Society Perspectives on EU Africa Cooperation

ECRE has become increasingly concerned about the impact of Europe’s toxic migration control policies on other regions, including Africa. As European and some EU policy-makers clamour to make migration deals with African governments, to get them to prevent migration, to contain people or to accept[…]

Towards a Borderless Africa?

The vision of a united Africa and the rejection of the arbitrary borders created by European colonial powers have for decades been at the heart of pan-African endeavours. Achieving the free movement of persons on the continent was a key aim of the 1991 Abuja[…]

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