„Brennpunkt Westafrika“

-- 2022: „Brennpunkt Westafrika“
by Bernau, Olaf, Book | read more

Bernau, Olaf (2022): Brennpunkt Westafrika. Die Fluchtursachen und was Europa tun sollte, Beck-Verlag   Klappentext: Die Bekämpfung von Fluchtursachen ist in Europa spätestens seit 2015 zu einer Art Mantra avanciert. Viele Politiker:innen versprechen sich davon eine deutliche Reduzierung der Ankunftszahlen afrikanischer Migrant:innen, auch in Verbindung[…]

Effectiveness of EU-funded information campaigns

-- 2021: Effectiveness of EU-funded information campaigns
by Molenaar, F. and Jucker, J., Broshure / PDF | read more

To gain further insights in the effect that information campaigns have on (prospective) migrants, this study therefore uses survey data collected among 584 respondents, comprising West African migrants, returned Malian migrants, and Malian citizens without a history of migration, while showing them the video described[…]

Border Externalization to West Africa

-- 2021: Border Externalization to West Africa
by Eva Magdalena Stambøl, Blog Post | read more

Border security-building has become a main type of the Global North’s assistance and aid to countries in the Global South. While often framed as state-building, development, or humanitarian action, the main objective of border security aid is to stop unwanted/risky mobility and transnational illicit flows[…]

Data Collection & Mobility Control

-- 2020: Data Collection & Mobility Control
by Migreurop, Brief / PDF | read more

  Studies on “bordering” are largely concerned with more visible technologies, such as fences, radars or drones. But recent technologies’ advantages are being generalised under the pretext of protecting exiles, providing them with a service or even reinforcing their autonomy. These supposed protections are a[…]

Land Grabbing in Africa

-- 2021: Land Grabbing in Africa
by Land Matrix, Website | read more

The Africa Regional Focal Point (RFP) of Land Matrix covers the whole of the African continent, which is the most targeted region for large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) in the global south. The considerable differences across Africa in terms of scale, intention, and investors suggest that[…]

Cross-border Movements from Burkina Faso and Mali

-- 2021: Cross-border Movements from Burkina Faso and Mali
by Ihring, Diana and Judith Meskers, Broshure / PDF | read more

This report is based on a review of existing literature and interviews with key informants, as well as some additional surveys conducted by the MMC with refugees and migrants themselves at the border between Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire. Based on information available as of[…]

Europe’s Quicksand War

-- 2020: Europe’s Quicksand War
by IJ4EU, Website | read more

An investigation into civilian casualties of a forgotten European conflict Year: 2020 Category: Africa, Extremism, Military, Security Country: Burkina Faso, Europe, France, Germany, Mali, Niger Travelling to Mali and trawling through documents and satellite images, the team of journalists and researchers from five countries looked[…]

Nigeria’s Generation Z

-- 2021: Nigeria’s Generation Z
by Nosmot Gbadamosi, Article | read more

Amid the global protests of 2020, a generation of young Nigerians took to the streets out of frustration with the country’s leadership. In August, tens of thousands of protesters called for #RevolutionNow and in October to #EndSARS, referring to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) police[…]

Sechs Jahre im Transit

-- 2021: Sechs Jahre im Transit
by Phillip John Koller, Reportage | read more

Die Suche nach einer besseren Zukunft verschlägt Rama Ba bis ans Mittelmeer. Ihren kleinen Sohn muss sie in der Heimat zurücklassen. Die schwierige Reise einer jungen Frau vom Senegal an die Grenze Europas.

Large Scale Land Acquisitions

-- 2021: Large Scale Land Acquisitions
by Regina Neudert, Lieske Voget-Kleschin, Report | read more

The study reviewed scientific literature on the microeconomic and social effects of large-scale land acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Eine Zusammenfassung auf DE gibt es in der Bauernstimme. Excerpt from the Key findings: Microeconomic indicators Operation of land deals: roughly half of the deals concluded are[…]

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