Towards a Borderless Africa?

The vision of a united Africa and the rejection of the arbitrary borders created by European colonial powers have for decades been at the heart of pan-African endeavours. Achieving the free movement of persons on the continent was a key aim of the 1991 Abuja[…]

The new European border between Niger and Libya

March 2017 was coming to a close when Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti gathered a number of local leaders from Fezzan, in the southwestern region of Libya, to negotiate a peace agreement in Rome. His goal was to end hostilities between the Toubou, Tuareg, and[…]

The impact of EU migration policy on West African integration

This study analyses some aspects of the impact of European Union migration policies on ECOWAS, the West African regional economic integration project, and on the migration policies of three countries in the region, Nigeria, Mali, and Niger. The study focuses in particular on the divergent[…]

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