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Offene Grenzen für Alle

Volker Heins: „Offene Grenzen[…]

6. September 2021

„Ziel ist Migrationsverhinderung“

taz: Herr Ziai, 1960[…]

5. September 2021

Alarmphone Analysis, 1 April – 30 June 2021

Content Introduction At least[…]

Arms from Israel to Europe

The EU has invested[…]

Overdosing for asylum in Europe

Asylum seekers trying to[…]

Tödliche Flüchtlingspolitik

Die 28. Auflage ist[…]

Refugee Body in the Era of Data-craving

This article traces the[…]

10. August 2021

Manufacturing displacement

In 2018, the European[…]

Blackmail in the Balkans

The development of a[…]

Diary from Darfur

From global cause to[…]

Migration Development Nexus in Kayes Region, Mali

With the “migration crisis”[…]

Smuggling and Mixed Migration

The movement of refugees[…]

Nigeria’s Generation Z

Amid the global protests[…]

Sahel: crise pastorale et sécuritaire

La crise du pastoralisme,[…]

South-South migration

Usually, the narrative suggests[…]

Impact of Pushbacks of Migrants on Land and at Sea

The present report, submitted[…]

Sechs Jahre im Transit

Die Suche nach einer[…]

EU External Cooperation in the Field of Migration

The Europeolill Commissiion adopted[…]

Beat Stauffer: Maghreb, Migration und Mittelmeer

Beat Stauffer, Maghreb, Migration[…]

26. Juli 2021

Large Scale Land Acquisitions

The study reviewed scientific[…]

22. Juli 2021

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