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How Frontex uses a trick to circumvent international law

The EU is not allowed to return refugees to countries where they face persecution. In 2017, the Commission therefore set up a backdoor for refoulement to North Africa. Published text messages now reveal how Frontex is providing aerial reconnaissance for the Libyan coast guard.

6. Dezember 2021

Outsourcing Oppression

In September 2020, the European Commission launched its New Pact on Migration and Asylum. Although it had been in the pipeline for some time, it came only weeks after Moria, one of Europe’s largest refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesbos, burned to the[…]

30. November 2021

Border Externalization to West Africa

Border security-building has become a main type of the Global North’s assistance and aid to countries in the Global South. While often framed as state-building, development, or humanitarian action, the main objective of border security aid is to stop unwanted/risky mobility and transnational illicit flows[…]

Data Collection & Mobility Control

  Studies on “bordering” are largely concerned with more visible technologies, such as fences, radars or drones. But recent technologies’ advantages are being generalised under the pretext of protecting exiles, providing them with a service or even reinforcing their autonomy. These supposed protections are a[…]

24. November 2021

Guarding the fortress

The report focuses on 19 Frontex operations run by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (hereafter Frontex) to explore how the agency is militarising borders and criminalising migrants, undermining fundamental rights to freedom of movement and the right to asylum. The report focuses on[…]

Mauern aus Sand

Die Sahara wird oft als eine riesige, grenzenlose Wüste beschrieben, eine „Grauzone“, wo der illegale Handel mit Waffen, Drogen, Zigaretten und Benzin floriert und Schmuggler, Banditen, Rebellengruppen, dschihadistische Kämpfer sowie Migrantinnen und Migranten unterwegs sind. In Wahrheit ist sie vom Atlantik bis zum Roten Meer[…]

Digitalisation of Migrant Smuggling

Joint Document by Europol and Frontex about use of handys for better passage. See content here:  

1. November 2021


Die Broschüre „EU-Grenzregime: Profiteure der Entmenschlichung und mythologisierter Technologien“ wird in Kooperation der IMI mit der Europaabgeordneten Özlem Demirel herausgegeben. Sie kann gratis im Internet hier heruntergeladen werden. Das Kapitel 5 stellt eine Auswertung der Liste „Border Business – Die Profiteure der Hochrüstung der Grenzen[…]

31. Oktober 2021

Technological Testing Grounds

As a response to increased migration into the European Union over the last few years, many states and international organizations involved in migration management are exploring technological experiments in various domains such as border enforcement, decision-making, and data mining. These experiments range from Big Data[…]

21. Oktober 2021

Migration and Technology Monitor

A collective of journalists, filmmakers, academics, and communities working from the ground up Our mission is to monitor the use of surveillance technologies, automation, and the use of Artificial Intelligence to screen, track, and make decisions about people crossing borders, highlighting the far reaching impacts[…]

Political Economy of Entry Governance

The entry of migrants has been the focus of public, political and technological discussions and initiatives within the EU. Underpinning entry to the EU level are practices of enforcement and infrastructures of border control. Some are physical, like border guards, others, such as biometric databases[…]


Steffen Mau zeigt in diesem Buch, dass sich Grenzen in Zeitalter der Globalisierung nicht öffneten, sondern zu mächtigen Sortiermaschienen umbebaut wurden. Eine Minderheit der Privilegierten darf überall hin reisen, während die große Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung systematisch ausgegrenzt wird. Mau spricht von Mauern und Bollwerken (Kap.4),[…]

19. Oktober 2021

Border Security Report

Border Security Report is the bi-monthly border management industry magazine delivering agency and industry news and developments, as well as more in-depth features and analysis to over 32,000 border agencies, agencies at the borders and industry professionals, policymakers and practitioners, worldwide. It is part of[…]

14. Oktober 2021

Samos Refugee Camp like Prison

I am one of the few people who was able to see inside the new camp during its official opening ceremony on Sept. 18, 2021 during an invited tour. Once inside, you can see cameras, loudspeakers and various surveillance technologies peppered throughout the camp. It[…]

Bots at the Gate

Summary: This report focuses on the impacts of automated decision-making in Canada’s immigration and refugee system from a human rights perspective. It highlights how the use of algorithmic and automated technologies to replace or augment administrative decision-making in this context threatens to create a laboratory[…]

Offene Grenzen für Alle

Volker Heins: „Offene Grenzen für alle. Eine notwendige Utopie“. Hoffman & Campe, Hamburg 2021, 224 S., 22 Euro Klappentext: Offene Grenzen – keine Forderung könnte der aktuellen politischen Stimmung mehr widersprechen. Dieses Buch zeigt: Eine Welt mit offenen Grenzen ist nicht nur möglich – sondern[…]

6. September 2021

Alarmphone Analysis, 1 April – 30 June 2021

Content Introduction At least for the international media, the last three months on the routes to Spain were remarkable for the large number of crossings around 18 May. In just a few days more than 10,000 people crossed the border into the enclaves of Ceuta[…]

5. September 2021

Arms from Israel to Europe

The EU has invested billions in Israeli arms companies to further militarize its border agency Frontex. Building a global antimilitarist movement is essential. Israeli military technologies, central to a system of settler-colonialism, apartheid and occupation, are big players in the international arms industry. “Tried and[…]

Overdosing for asylum in Europe

Asylum seekers trying to enter the European Union via Croatia are deliberately ingesting dangerous substances, including powerful opiates, in the hope that police will take them to hospitals rather than illegally deporting them. Many are travelling with young children in tow. Croatian authorities have come[…]

Refugee Body in the Era of Data-craving

This article traces the travel of biometric data of Syrian refugees in Jordan through a hastily evolving political economy characterized by a pervasive craving for the extraction, storage and brokering of displacement data. It analyzes iris-enrollment as problematic acts of quasi-citizenship for the displaced requiring[…]

10. August 2021

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November 21

MONTHLY REVIEW: NOVEMBER 2021 This monthly press review covers Eurafrican migration control, migration and displacement in African countries and news on the European border regime. In case there is a news item, report, or campaign you would like to flag for in next month’s review[…]

5. Dezember 2021

October 21

New on migration-control.info   Blog „Operationalization of the Pact“: Niger, Libyia, Morocco, Tunisia:  “Operationalization of the Pact – Action plans for strengthening comprehensive migration partnerships with priority countries of origin and transit” – these previously unpublished Draft Papers by the EU Commission Services are an[…]


11. November 2021

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