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Manufacturing displacement

-- 2019: Manufacturing displacement
by Lemberg-Pedersen, Martin, Article | read more

In 2018, the European Council suggested “regional disembarkation platforms” as an innovative externalization of displacement management in the Mediterranean. Yet, the logic of naval interception, deportation and disembarkation zones parallel not only Western proposals since the 1980s, but also colonial practices during the transatlantic slave[…]

10. August 2021

Blackmail in the Balkans

-- 2021: Blackmail in the Balkans
by Bisiaux, Sophie-Anne et al., Website | read more

The development of a system for collecting data on people on the move in the Balkans highlights the overall orientation of the EU’s migration policies: outsourcing migration management at all costs, to the detriment of provisions for reception. In order to keep those considered as[…]

Impact of Pushbacks of Migrants on Land and at Sea

-- 2021: Impact of Pushbacks of Migrants on Land and at Sea
by Felipe González Morales, Document | read more

The present report, submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 43/6, provides an account of the activities undertaken by the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Felipe González Morales, during the reporting period. It also provides a thematic study on means to[…]

Sechs Jahre im Transit

-- 2021: Sechs Jahre im Transit
by Phillip John Koller, Reportage | read more

Die Suche nach einer besseren Zukunft verschlägt Rama Ba bis ans Mittelmeer. Ihren kleinen Sohn muss sie in der Heimat zurücklassen. Die schwierige Reise einer jungen Frau vom Senegal an die Grenze Europas.

Decrypting ICMPD

-- 2021: Decrypting ICMPD
by Sofian Naceur, Broshure | read more

Despite its substantial growth since its establishment in 1993, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is still a relatively small organization in terms of staff and budget compared to other key actors of the EU border regime. Over the years however, ICMPD turned[…]

12. Juni 2021

EU-LISA zwischen Lobbyismus und venture sciences

-- 2021: EU-LISA zwischen Lobbyismus und venture sciences
by Brigitta Kuster, Vassilis S. Tsianos, Article | read more

Der Beitrag exponiert methodologische Überlegungen und Probleme, die den (sicherheits-)industriell-politischen Komplex von Forschung und Entwicklung (FuE) in den Migration and Border Studies betreffen. Am Schnittpunkt von Migration and Border Studies und Science and Technology Studies skizziert der Beitrag eine Analytik der europäischen digitalen Grenzzone in[…]

FRONTEX Central Mediterranean

-- 2021: FRONTEX Central Mediterranean
by Sara Creta et al., Article | read more

Europe stands accused of creating a proxy force in the waters off Libya to do what its own member states and agencies cannot do themselves without openly violating international laws: intercept unwanted migrants and return them to Libya. The EU and its border agency Frontex[…]

19. Mai 2021


-- 2021: Border-Profiteers
by No Border Assembly, Broshure / PDF | read more

The external borders of Europe are not in Berlin, but the border regime is allaround us. This regime consists of more than just the state. In capitalism, manyforms of border oppression are subcontracted to corporations. Borders are very profitable. Therefore this market is dominated by[…]

Abolish Frontex

-- 2021: Abolish Frontex
by #AbolishFrontex, PDF | read more

Frontex is the European Union’s border agency and is a key actor in enforcing the EU’s border regime. It is responsible for systemic human rights violations through its operations; involvement in deportations; cooperation with third countries, and role in strengthening EU borders. The EU’s border[…]

17. Mai 2021

Pushing Back Responsibility

-- 2021: Pushing Back Responsibility
by PRAB Initiative, PDF | read more

Between January and April 2021 civil society organizationsin 6 different countries collected testimonies of 2162 cases of pushbacks, including chain pushbacks over multiple countries. The rights violations were recorded at different borders in Italy, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia-and-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Hungary. Over a third of pushbacks[…]

Balkanbrücke Online

-- 2021: Balkanbrücke Online
by Balkanbrücke Activists, Website | read more

Menschen auf der Flucht werden an den Außengrenzen der EU systematisch entrechtet und kriminalisiert. Gewalt, Schüsse und illegale Push-Backs sind inzwischen traurige Normalität entlang der Balkanroute. Menschen leben unter elenden Bedingungen in Lagern, auf der Straße oder in improvisierten selbstorganisierten Camps und werden Opfer von[…]

29. April 2021

Financing Border Wars

-- 2021: Financing Border Wars
by Mark Akkermann, Book / PDF | read more

This report seeks to explore and highlight the extent of today’s global border security industry, by focusing on the most important geographical markets—Australia, Europe, USA—listing the human rights violations and risks involved in each sector of the industry, profiling important corporate players and putting a[…]

25. April 2021

Return Mania

-- 2021: Return Mania
by Euromedrights, Website / PDF | read more

The research provides an overview of the current return policies and practices in the Euro-Mediterranean region and sheds a light on the violations of human rights entailed by this “return obsession”, which is shared across Member States, EU institutions and third countries alike. The report[…]

Der neue EU-Migrationspakt

-- 2021: Der neue EU-Migrationspakt
by Lina Tietze, Marta Borowski, Poster series | read more

Als Reaktion auf die humanitäre Katastrophe an der EU-Außengrenze, will die Europäische Union ihren bereits ausgearbeiteten Migrationspakt noch in diesem Frühsommer verabschieden. Das Wandplakat Des Bildungswerks Berlin der Heinrich Böll Stiftung erläutert grundsätzliche Kritik an diesem Vorhaben. Als Reaktion auf die sich zuspitzende Lage für[…]

23. April 2021

Italy: Fast Track Deportation of Tunisians

-- 2021: Italy: Fast Track Deportation of Tunisians
by Layli Foroudi and Federica Marsi, Report | read more

Tunisian migrants and asylum seekers being held on boats off the coast of Italy have drowned or attempted suicide. Story of people moving from Tunisia to to Lampeduza, with interviews and fotos. Following a five-fold increase in Tunisian migration in 2020 – which has put[…]

22. April 2021

Frontex ist ein Symptom

-- 2021: Frontex ist ein Symptom
by Tobias Müller, Interview | read more

Die EU-Abgeordnete Tineke Strik untersucht mutmassliche Menschenrechtsverletzungen durch die europäische Grenzschutzagentur Frontex. Im Gespräch erklärt sie, wie diese zu einer Polizeimacht fast ohne Aufsicht werden konnte. Der Satiriker Jan Böhmermann machte die engen Verbindungen von Frontex mit der Rüstungsindustrie publik. Leggeri bagatellisiert auch diese. Wenn[…]

20. April 2021

Anomalous Investigation in Italy

-- 2021: Anomalous Investigation in Italy
by Annalisa Camilli, Article | read more

Mario Draghi lands in Libya on 6 April in his first official trip as prime minister, while in Italy the case of journalists intercepted in the judicial enquiry into the Iuventa, the ship used by the German NGO Jugend Rettet to rescue migrants in the[…]

12. April 2021

The Big Wall

-- 2021: The Big Wall
by Giacomo Zandonini, Remo Romano, Bojan Milinkovic, Website | read more

An ActionAid investigation into how Italy tried to stop migration from Africa, using EU funds, and how much money it spent                     There are satellites, drones, ships, cooperation projects, police posts, repatriation flights, training centers. They[…]

The role of technology in illegal push-backs

-- 2020: The role of technology in illegal push-backs
by BVMN, Report / PDF | read more

In this report, several cases of push  backs from Croatia are highlighted in order to present how authorities use technology with indetection and apprehension of transit groups, both at borders and interiors. The reports were taken in 2019 under a standardised interview framework. The procurement[…]

6. April 2021

Der Moria-Komplex

-- 2021: Der Moria-Komplex
by Maximilian Pichl, Report / PDF | read more

Verantwortungslosigkeit, Unzuständigkeit und Entrechtung fünf Jahre nach dem EU-Türkei-Abkommen und der Einführung des Hotspot-Systems. Eine Studie von Maximilian Pichl im Auftrag von medico international. Das Elend von Moria ist keine „humanitäre Katastrophe“, sondern Ergebnis einer europäischen Politik, die auf der Auslagerung der Verantwortung für Flüchtlinge[…]

3. April 2021

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