Dossier Klimaflucht

Auf der Flucht vor dem Klima Migration in Zeiten des Klimawandels und im Schatten von Corona Immer mehr Menschen sind schon heute gezwungen, ihre Heimat wegen der Auswirkungen des sich verändernden Klimas zu verlassen. Doch was versteht man unter Umweltflüchtlingen? Genießen sie einen besonderen Schutz?[…]

The Big Wall

An ActionAid investigation into how Italy tried to stop migration from Africa, using EU funds, and how much money it spent                     There are satellites, drones, ships, cooperation projects, police posts, repatriation flights, training centers. They[…]

From the Sea to the City

FROM THE SEA TO THE CITY A CITY CONFERENCE FOR A WELCOMING EUROPE Born on World Refugee Day 2020 (June 20th), the From the Sea to the City Consortium launched a campaign to demand that cities, civic initiatives and governments address the human and political[…]

Der Moria-Komplex

Verantwortungslosigkeit, Unzuständigkeit und Entrechtung fünf Jahre nach dem EU-Türkei-Abkommen und der Einführung des Hotspot-Systems. Eine Studie von Maximilian Pichl im Auftrag von medico international. Das Elend von Moria ist keine „humanitäre Katastrophe“, sondern Ergebnis einer europäischen Politik, die auf der Auslagerung der Verantwortung für Flüchtlinge[…]

Deadly Borders and Activist Interventions

Deadly Borders and Activist Interventions in the European Migration Space (March 18, 2021, 7pm CET) (Language: English) Online Roundtable with Natalie Gruber (Border Violence Monitoring Network), Charles Heller (Forensic Oceanography) & Jacob Berkson (Alarm Phone) Moderator: Valeria Hänsel (Border Monitoring Aegean) The so-called ‚Refugee Crisis‘[…]

EU ad hoc relocation: A lottery

Since 2019, borderline-europe, in cooperation with Borderline Sicilia, Council of Refugees Berlin, Equal Rights Beyond Borders and Sea-Watch investigated institutional practices linked to relocation in Italy, Malta and Germany. The report finds among others that the hotspot approach as the European solution does not encourage[…]

COVID 19 Paralyzing Migrants

The Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) published on April 09, 2020 a commentary by freelance journalist Giacomo Zandonini on the impact of Covid-19 on migration in West Africa. As the Coronavirus is also spreading across West Africa, the „impacts are huge, multi-layered and[…]

Libya: The Torture Factory

Medici per i dritti humani published a report „The Torture Factory“ on March 17, 2020 that raises concern over the human rights violations against migrants and refugees in Libya. The report draws on over  3 000 testimonies of migrants that passed through Libya prior to[…]

Locked Up and Excluded

This report provides an overview of the use of administrative detention of non- nationals in four members-states of the European Union (EU). While three of those (Italy, Spain, Greece) are points of first arrival for people trying to reach Europe, the fourth one (Germany) is[…]

Dossier: Unraveling the Sahel

The security situation in Africa’s Sahel region is worsening. The number of attacks attributed to jihadi groups and self-defence militias peaked in 2020, and so did the number of casualties. Violent extremism intersects community-based conflicts and inter-ethnic tensions in rural areas. Meanwhile, human rights violations[…]

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