Border Externalization to West Africa

-- 2021: Border Externalization to West Africa
by Eva Magdalena Stambøl, Blog Post | read more

Border security-building has become a main type of the Global North’s assistance and aid to countries in the Global South. While often framed as state-building, development, or humanitarian action, the main objective of border security aid is to stop unwanted/risky mobility and transnational illicit flows[…]

Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes

-- 2021: Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes
by Border Violence Monitoring Network, Broshure / PDF | read more

The aim of the guide is to map possible legal complaint mechanisms on border human rights violations at domestic and European level for the purposes of Border Violence Monitoring Network and the network’s partners, to share experience and propose some concrete actions to take against human rights violations.[…]

Mauern aus Sand

-- 2021: Mauern aus Sand
by Carayol, Rémi und Laurent Gagnol, Article | read more

Die Sahara wird oft als eine riesige, grenzenlose Wüste beschrieben, eine „Grauzone“, wo der illegale Handel mit Waffen, Drogen, Zigaretten und Benzin floriert und Schmuggler, Banditen, Rebellengruppen, dschihadistische Kämpfer sowie Migrantinnen und Migranten unterwegs sind. In Wahrheit ist sie vom Atlantik bis zum Roten Meer[…]

Migration and Technology Monitor

-- 2020: Migration and Technology Monitor
by A Project, Website | read more

A collective of journalists, filmmakers, academics, and communities working from the ground up Our mission is to monitor the use of surveillance technologies, automation, and the use of Artificial Intelligence to screen, track, and make decisions about people crossing borders, highlighting the far reaching impacts[…]

Offene Grenzen für Alle

-- 2021: Offene Grenzen für Alle
by Volker Heins, Book | read more

Volker Heins: „Offene Grenzen für alle. Eine notwendige Utopie“. Hoffman & Campe, Hamburg 2021, 224 S., 22 Euro Klappentext: Offene Grenzen – keine Forderung könnte der aktuellen politischen Stimmung mehr widersprechen. Dieses Buch zeigt: Eine Welt mit offenen Grenzen ist nicht nur möglich – sondern[…]

Overdosing for asylum in Europe

-- 2021: Overdosing for asylum in Europe
by Lucy Papachristou, Report | read more

Asylum seekers trying to enter the European Union via Croatia are deliberately ingesting dangerous substances, including powerful opiates, in the hope that police will take them to hospitals rather than illegally deporting them. Many are travelling with young children in tow. Croatian authorities have come[…]

Smuggling and Mixed Migration

-- 2021: Smuggling and Mixed Migration
by MMC, Report | read more

The movement of refugees and migrants along mixed migration routes around the world is often wholly or partially facilitated by smugglers. Human smuggling has therefore been a primary focus of the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC). This paper synthesizes our key insights and sets out six[…]

Impact of Pushbacks of Migrants on Land and at Sea

-- 2021: Impact of Pushbacks of Migrants on Land and at Sea
by Felipe González Morales, Document | read more

The present report, submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 43/6, provides an account of the activities undertaken by the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Felipe González Morales, during the reporting period. It also provides a thematic study on means to[…]

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