Remote Control: EU-Libya

Key Findings: 1. EU aerial assets are deployed to detect migrant boats from the air and guide the so-called Libyan Coast Guard to the locations of escaping boats. 2. Aerial surveillance has led to the capture of tens of thousands of people and their return[…]

AusgeLAGERt. Exterritoriale Lager, Mittelmeergrenzen

Recherchen: Flüchtlingsabwehrpolitik Cap Anamur: Interview mit Elias Bierdei (Angela Huemer) Das Mittelmeer als neuer Raum der Abschreckung (Helmut Dietrich) Koloniale Lagergeschichte in Libyen (Helmut Dietrich) Die Verdammten der Sahara (Fabrizio Gatti) Der Krieg gegen die trikontinentale Massenarmut (Thomas Hohlfeld, Dirk Vogelskamp) Konzeptionen: Lagervisionen Chronologie der[…]

Deportation Union: EU’s push to increase forced removals

Deportation Union provides a critical examination of recently-introduced and forthcoming EU measures designed to increase the number of deportations carried out by national authorities and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex. It focuses on three key areas: attempts to reduce or eliminate rights[…]

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