Mit der »Europäischen Agentur für die operative Zusammenarbeit an den Außengrenzen« (FRONTEX) entstand im Jahr 2004 einer der bis heute dynamischsten europäischen Apparate. Der Haushalt der Agentur stieg von 2005 bis 2010 um das Vierzehnfache an. Von der ›einfachen‹ europäischen Vermittlerin zwischen den nationalen Grenzschutzbehörden[…]

Aegean Regional Analysis

Human rights violations reached a new level in the Aegean Sea and at the Greek-Turkish land border from the beginning of March. The escalation went along with acts of repression against NGOs and solidarity structures for refugees and migrants. The regional analysis covers the escalation[…]

Migration Policies in Niger’s North

This report considers the emerging longer-term dynamics in NorthernNiger in response to the 2015 criminalisation of smuggling and the measures subsequently taken to curb northward migratory movements. It has discerned such effects on the local economy and on the perception of governance providers, who are[…]

Frontex und die Pushback-Vorwürfe

Der EU-Grenzschutzagentur Frontex wird vorgeworfen, an illegalen Pushbacks beteiligt zu sein. In mehreren Fällen soll sie davon gewusst haben, dass die griechische Küstenwache Flüchtlinge auf dem Mittelmeer abdrängte, anstatt sie an Land zu nehmen. Die Aufarbeitung läuft nur schleppend.

Incarcerating the Marginalized on the Greek Hotspot Islands

Deportation Monitoring Aegean, Aegean Migrant Solidarityand Borderline-Europe publishedd a joint report on thecriminalizationof refugees and marginalizedTurkish citizens who steer boatsfrom Turkey to Greece. Persons concerned are often (arbitrarily)arrested and sentenced to draconian, often life-term,prison terms under the pretext of fighting „smugglers“. Den Report gibt es[…]

Border Deaths

This book is an outcome of the conference, Border deaths and migration policies: state and non-state approaches, that took place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on 14-15 June 2018. All chapters in this volume introduce a multiplicity of actors who are engaged, in one way[…]

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