History of Noborder Network

The expressed aim was to publicly call for the accommodation of illegal migrants and help with their entry into the country and their onward journeys, to call for work procurement and the organization of health care or facilitation for the school attendance of their children.[…]


Made in Italy. Much info and incredible layout: Introduction 4 ITALY What undermines the development of the agricultural sector in Southern Italy  10 The Sele plain: the boom of the fourth range  11 Agro Pontino: a basin of excellence that is little exploited  12 The[…]

«Signore delle Fragole» (Strawberries from Spain)

Divorced or widowed, they have an average of three children and are illiterate. Portrait of the Moroccan women who pick fruit for our tables Most of the strawberries we eat come from Spain, particularly from Andalusia, especially the Huelva area, where the sandy soil and[…]

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