Smuggling dynamics for Afghans

Over the past decade, Afghans lodged the second highest number of asylum applications worldwide, including the second highest number of asylum applications in 2019 and 2020 in Europe. Migration journeys of Afghans toward Europe are often made irregularly, wholly, or partially assisted by migrant smugglers.[…]

Pushing Back Responsibility

Between January and April 2021 civil society organizationsin 6 different countries collected testimonies of 2162 cases of pushbacks, including chain pushbacks over multiple countries. The rights violations were recorded at different borders in Italy, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia-and-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Hungary. Over a third of pushbacks[…]

Challenges of Current Societal Transformations

Based on current societal challenges, different theoretical approaches will be discussed outlining the shift from migration to mobility research. Globalization has broken a long lasting equilibrium, which has led to the emergence of new actors and restructured questions of human mobility. In particular, the qualification[…]

Migration und soziale Ungleichheit

Die soziale Frage ist zurück. Jedoch geht es bei der sozialen Frage der Gegenwart nicht mehr nur um den Konflikt zwischen Arbeit und Kapital, so wie noch im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert. Die heutige soziale Frage kommt räumlich im Gegensatz von globalem Süden und dem[…]

Main Actors Irregular Migration: Sudan

Table with Info on government institutions involved in irregular migration on national and sub-national level, as well as Civil Society actors, and Private sector actors. This document is being referred to from the Wiki-Entry about the Khartoum Process. See: Actors in Irregular migration W.S-2

Balkanbrücke Online

Menschen auf der Flucht werden an den Außengrenzen der EU systematisch entrechtet und kriminalisiert. Gewalt, Schüsse und illegale Push-Backs sind inzwischen traurige Normalität entlang der Balkanroute. Menschen leben unter elenden Bedingungen in Lagern, auf der Straße oder in improvisierten selbstorganisierten Camps und werden Opfer von[…]

Italy: Fast Track Deportation of Tunisians

Tunisian migrants and asylum seekers being held on boats off the coast of Italy have drowned or attempted suicide. Story of people moving from Tunisia to to Lampeduza, with interviews and fotos. Following a five-fold increase in Tunisian migration in 2020 – which has put[…]

Fluchtgeschichte und fragwürdige Abschiebepraxis

Abdul besitzt, wie viele Asylsuchende, keine Identitätspapiere. Die Gründe hierfür sind vielfältig: Einige Asylsuchende haben nie welche besessen, manche ihre Papiere auf der Flucht verloren, andere haben sie aus Angst vor Abschiebungen vernichtet. Für die europäischen Zielstaaten ist das ein Problem, denn in einer Welt[…]

History of Noborder Network

The expressed aim was to publicly call for the accommodation of illegal migrants and help with their entry into the country and their onward journeys, to call for work procurement and the organization of health care or facilitation for the school attendance of their children.[…]

The Big Wall

An ActionAid investigation into how Italy tried to stop migration from Africa, using EU funds, and how much money it spent                     There are satellites, drones, ships, cooperation projects, police posts, repatriation flights, training centers. They[…]

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