„Burning at Europe’s Borders“

-- 2021: „Burning at Europe’s Borders“
by Isabella Alexander-Nathani, Book | read more

Isabella Alexander-Nathani (2021): Burning at Europe’s Borders. An Ethnography on the African Migrant Experience in Morocco, Oxford University Press I really appreciate books like this, written by courageous women who have spent years of activism and research together with with the people they write about.[…]

„Brennpunkt Westafrika“

-- 2022: „Brennpunkt Westafrika“
by Bernau, Olaf, Book | read more

Bernau, Olaf (2022): Brennpunkt Westafrika. Die Fluchtursachen und was Europa tun sollte, Beck-Verlag   Klappentext: Die Bekämpfung von Fluchtursachen ist in Europa spätestens seit 2015 zu einer Art Mantra avanciert. Viele Politiker:innen versprechen sich davon eine deutliche Reduzierung der Ankunftszahlen afrikanischer Migrant:innen, auch in Verbindung[…]

Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes

-- 2021: Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes
by Border Violence Monitoring Network, Broshure / PDF | read more

The aim of the guide is to map possible legal complaint mechanisms on border human rights violations at domestic and European level for the purposes of Border Violence Monitoring Network and the network’s partners, to share experience and propose some concrete actions to take against human rights violations.[…]

Libya: Evidence crimes against humanity and war crimes

-- 2021: Libya: Evidence crimes against humanity and war crimes
by OHCHR, Website | read more

GENEVA (4 October 2021) – There are reasonable grounds to believe that war crimes have been committed in Libya, while violence perpetrated in prisons and against migrants there may amount to crimes against humanity, the Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya says in a report published[…]

Cross-border Movements from Burkina Faso and Mali

-- 2021: Cross-border Movements from Burkina Faso and Mali
by Ihring, Diana and Judith Meskers, Broshure / PDF | read more

This report is based on a review of existing literature and interviews with key informants, as well as some additional surveys conducted by the MMC with refugees and migrants themselves at the border between Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire. Based on information available as of[…]

Offene Grenzen für Alle

-- 2021: Offene Grenzen für Alle
by Volker Heins, Book | read more

Volker Heins: „Offene Grenzen für alle. Eine notwendige Utopie“. Hoffman & Campe, Hamburg 2021, 224 S., 22 Euro Klappentext: Offene Grenzen – keine Forderung könnte der aktuellen politischen Stimmung mehr widersprechen. Dieses Buch zeigt: Eine Welt mit offenen Grenzen ist nicht nur möglich – sondern[…]

Overdosing for asylum in Europe

-- 2021: Overdosing for asylum in Europe
by Lucy Papachristou, Report | read more

Asylum seekers trying to enter the European Union via Croatia are deliberately ingesting dangerous substances, including powerful opiates, in the hope that police will take them to hospitals rather than illegally deporting them. Many are travelling with young children in tow. Croatian authorities have come[…]

Migration Development Nexus in Kayes Region, Mali

-- 2021: Migration Development Nexus in Kayes Region, Mali
by Claes, Johannes, Anna Schmauder and Fransje Molenaar, Report | read more

With the “migration crisis” of 2015, the number of policy initiatives to try and stem departures from countries of origin multiplied and aid to African countries became increasingly conditional upon cooperation on migration matters (Schofberger, 2019).  The EU-Africa Valletta Summit and the creation of the[…]

Smuggling and Mixed Migration

-- 2021: Smuggling and Mixed Migration
by MMC, Report | read more

The movement of refugees and migrants along mixed migration routes around the world is often wholly or partially facilitated by smugglers. Human smuggling has therefore been a primary focus of the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC). This paper synthesizes our key insights and sets out six[…]

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