Large Scale Land Acquisitions

The study reviewed scientific literature on the microeconomic and social effects of large-scale land acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Eine Zusammenfassung auf DE gibt es in der Bauernstimme. Excerpt from the Key findings: Microeconomic indicators Operation of land deals: roughly half of the deals concluded are[…]

Trafficking and exploitation of Nigerian women

ASGI has edited 5 articles focusing Nigeria: Focus Nigeria This focus aims to provide an overview of the effects of externalization policies on the phenomenon of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation from Nigeria and on the effective access to protection of women who[…]

From the Sea to the City

FROM THE SEA TO THE CITY A CITY CONFERENCE FOR A WELCOMING EUROPE Born on World Refugee Day 2020 (June 20th), the From the Sea to the City Consortium launched a campaign to demand that cities, civic initiatives and governments address the human and political[…]

Deadly Borders and Activist Interventions

Deadly Borders and Activist Interventions in the European Migration Space (March 18, 2021, 7pm CET) (Language: English) Online Roundtable with Natalie Gruber (Border Violence Monitoring Network), Charles Heller (Forensic Oceanography) & Jacob Berkson (Alarm Phone) Moderator: Valeria Hänsel (Border Monitoring Aegean) The so-called ‚Refugee Crisis‘[…]

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