„Burning at Europe’s Borders“

-- 2021: „Burning at Europe’s Borders“
by Isabella Alexander-Nathani, Book | read more

Isabella Alexander-Nathani (2021): Burning at Europe’s Borders. An Ethnography on the African Migrant Experience in Morocco, Oxford University Press I really appreciate books like this, written by courageous women who have spent years of activism and research together with with the people they write about.[…]

Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes

-- 2021: Mapping Legal Struggles: Balkan Routes
by Border Violence Monitoring Network, Broshure / PDF | read more

The aim of the guide is to map possible legal complaint mechanisms on border human rights violations at domestic and European level for the purposes of Border Violence Monitoring Network and the network’s partners, to share experience and propose some concrete actions to take against human rights violations.[…]

Diary from Darfur

-- 2021: Diary from Darfur
by Philip Kleinfeld, Article | read more

From global cause to forgotten crisis: A reporter’s diary from Darfur: Since January, hundreds of people have died in attacks that have driven more than 230,000 Darfuris from their homes – four times the number displaced by the conflict in the whole of 2020. More[…]

Nigeria’s Generation Z

-- 2021: Nigeria’s Generation Z
by Nosmot Gbadamosi, Article | read more

Amid the global protests of 2020, a generation of young Nigerians took to the streets out of frustration with the country’s leadership. In August, tens of thousands of protesters called for #RevolutionNow and in October to #EndSARS, referring to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) police[…]

Tunisia: Queer and Feminist Militants

-- 2021: Tunisia: Queer and Feminist Militants
by Henda Chennaoui, Interview | read more

A decade after the 2011 Revolution, a new generation of Tunisians is back on the streets as a broad, intersectional movement united through grassroots militancy. Subaltern groups were key actors in this new form of popular mobilization that called for human and social rights, living[…]

From the Sea to the City

-- 2021: From the Sea to the City
by FromSeatoCity, Broshure / PDF / Website | read more

FROM THE SEA TO THE CITY A CITY CONFERENCE FOR A WELCOMING EUROPE Born on World Refugee Day 2020 (June 20th), the From the Sea to the City Consortium launched a campaign to demand that cities, civic initiatives and governments address the human and political[…]

Aufstandsbekämpfung im Sahel

-- 2021: Aufstandsbekämpfung im Sahel
by FFM-online, Article / PDF | read more

Mit Blick auf den Sahel geht es nicht allein um die Blockierung der Migrationsbewegungen im Vorfeld in Zusammenarbeit mit zweifelhaften Regimes, wie wir es auf der Internetseite www.migration-control.info dokumentieren. Sondern die Externalisierung des EU-Grenzregimes überschneidet sich mit Aufstandsbe-kämpfung und ist Teil einer Militarisierung dieser riesig[…]

Youth Contesting Legitimacy from Below in Sub-Sahara Africa

-- 2017: Youth Contesting Legitimacy from Below in Sub-Sahara Africa
by Mirjam de Bruijn and Jonna Both, Article | read more

The Sahel has gained attention in international politics as one of the central theatres in the war on terrorism. International actors in this war seek alliances with states in the region, reinforcing the latter’s military strength and their legitimacy from outside. At the same time,[…]

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