The politics of Fortress Europe has several facets:

Refugees and migrants are to be stopped, detained and repatriated on their journey towards  Europe – in Turkey, North Africa, the Sahara and the Sahel.

Since 2018, the European solution on the Mediterranean has been to let refugees and migrants drown or to have them captured by Libyan militias at sea and detained in concentration camp-like Libyan prisons. Those who, despite the great obstacles, manage to arrive in Europe, are taken to camps and are deported when their applications for asylum are denied.

This portal concentrates on how Europe externalizes its borders far into Africa. Dictators are bribed, militias are equipped, migration routes are blocked, and local economies are dried up. We investigate and document this “externalisation of borders” with questions and theses, maps, a wiki, and documents.

Migration Control was launched by the TAZ in 2017 in connection with the book publication “Dictators as Gatekeepers for Europe: Outsourcing EU border controls to Africa”. The site has been updated since summer 2019 and is now maintained under coordination of FFM e.V. (Research Centre for Flight and Migration) and under cooperation with the organisations listed below. Unfortunately, the topic has not lost its relevance yet. Europe is pursuing a policy of death zones. The critical society must know this. 

This portal involves a transnational network of anti-racist initiatives, NGOs and research groups from several countries. We have formed editorial groups to critically observe and document the developments in the regions concerned (Mediterranean, West Africa, Horn of Africa, MENA) – and we would like to see more contributors.

Want to participate? Please contact: contact@migration-control.info 


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