The migration control project deals with the externalisation of the European borders to Africa. Dictators are bribed, militias are recruited and equipped, migration routes are blocked, local economies dry up. Migrants die of thirst in the desert or drown in the sea.

We are a transnational network of researchers, activists, journalists, and organisations that gather information about the external dimension of the European migration and border regime.

We investigate and document the externalisation of borders in our wiki, blog, and archives. An introduction to our focus and approach is formulated in five questions.

Migration Control was launched by the TAZ in 2017. The TAZ reports are being updated since summer 2019. This process is supported by the organisations listed below and coordinated by FFM e.V. (Research Society for Flight and Migration).

A transnational network of anti-racist initiatives, NGOs, and research groups from several countries are involved in this documentation project. In editorial groups, we follow and document the developments in these regions: Mediterranean, West Africa, East Africa, MENA.

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We are cooperating with:
afrique europe interact | alarmphone | borderline europe  | bordermonitoring europe | ffm e.V. | global detention project | Informationsstelle Militarisierung | kritnet  | migreuropstatewatch | sea-watch  | welcome to europe

This site gained funds from:
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