Alarme Phone Sahara

Alarme Phone Sahara is a cooperation project launched by initiatives and individuals from the Sahel-Sahara zone and Europe. The project aims to protect the lives and freedom of movement of migrants and refugees against repressive and often deadly migration policies. The Alarme Phone Sahara network[…]


Six Years Alarm Phone: The Struggle at Sea continues Oktober 11, 2020   On 11 October 2020, the Alarm Phone turns six years old. Our network of over 200 activists who live on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea has assisted over 3,300 boats in[…]


by Sofian Philip Naceur Hard Facts & Short Characterisation Located on the South Mediterranean shore, Algeria is Africa’s largest country in terms of area, stretching over 2.4 million km². Its coastline measures about 1,000 kilometres and its land borders are more than 6,700 kilometres long.[…]


Benin wurde am 1. August 1960 als Republik Dahomey von Frankreich unabhängig. Die Hauptstadt ist Porto-Novo, wirtschaftliches, politisches und kulturelles Zentrum jedoch die Hafenstadt Cotonou. Benin grenzt an Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger und Nigeria. Im Land leben heute rund 11,4 Millionen Menschen. Neben der offiziellen Sprache Französisch sind für Benin 54 weitere gelistet. 38 Prozent der Einwohner*innen können lesen und schreiben. Benin gilt als Wiege des Voodoo mit einem eigenen Feiertag am 10. Januar. Die Mehrheit der Bevölkerung bekennt sich mit 48,5 Prozent zum Christentum, gefolgt vom Islam (27,7 Prozent). Offiziell geben 11,6 Prozent an, Voodoo zu praktizieren. Benin wird gerne als das „Quartier latin de l’Afrique“ bezeichnet.


by Thomas Müller of the blog JungleOfCalais, published in February 2021 Calais – Britain’s externalised border For more than two decades, the northern French port and border town of Calais has been the scene of unregistered migration from mainland Europe to Britain.[1] While in the 1990s[…]


by Helga Dickow, with help from Magdalena Maier and Malte Jursch, published in May 2021 Background and brief characterisation Chad is a landlocked country sharing borders with Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Sudan. Chad has close ties with France, the[…]

Decrypting ICMPD

Despite its substantial growth since its establishment
in 1993, the International Centre for Migration Policy
Development (ICMPD) is still a relatively small
organization in terms of staff and budget compared to
other key actors of the EU border regime. Over the years
however, ICMPD turned from a minor and temporary
consultancy project to an important service provider for
European states.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The eternal hotspot in the heart of Africa by Simone Schlindwein The sheer size of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) makes its governance challenging. This vast country in the heart of Africa is about the same size as Western Europe and has 10,500 kilometres[…]


Small but strategically important by Simone Schlindwein This country, in the Horn of Africa, has traditionally been a corridor between Africa and Asia. Today it is the most important military base on the continent of Africa, and is important for Europe also. Djibouti is one[…]


by Sofian Philip Naceur Basic Information and Brief Characterization With 101 million inhabitants (as of November 2019), Egypt is the most populous Arab country and the third largest country in Africa after Nigeria and Ethiopia in terms of absolute population. 95% of the population inhabits[…]

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