Monthly Press Review August 2023

September 7th, 2023

OUT NOW: Our Monthly Press Review August 2023 covers topics such as Eurafrican migration control, migration, and displacement in African countries, and news on the European border regime.

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Blog 25.08.23: Ongoing violent attacks on LGBTI+ asylum seekers and refugees at Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya by queersOfKakuma and queersOfKakuma is a group of LGBTI+ activists living in Kakuma refugee camp. Together with members of, we wrote the following report about ongoing violent attacks on LGBTI+ asylum seekers and refugees, focusing on the general situation at Kakuma refugee camp and specifically on challenges of the LGBTI+ community and the international resettlement and externalization politics.

Blog 21.08.23: Popular resistance to the deportation of Gambians from Germany: What is happening and the way forward by Rossella Marino and Mustapha Sallah: Our latest blog entry looks at civil society resistance to deportations in The Gambia. It explores how transnational resistance to deportations from EUrope to TheGambia is organized and what are key demands. Central complaints of protestors entail: injustice of deportations, repercussions of local entanglements w/ global capitalist extractivism leading to over-reliance on remittances, continuous exploitation of Gambian labor as foreseen by an alleged "Germany Gambia deal". Further, civil society organizations take issue with HOW deportations are negotiated and lacking transparency surrounding the resumed deportations following EU visa sanctions.

Blog 16.08.23: Journées d'Action à Dakar: 72h Push Back Frontex (Action Days in Dakar: 72h Push Back Frontex) by Boza Fii: The Senegalese civil society organisation Boza Fii organised a 72-hour action in the suburbs of Dakar earlier this month. Through this action, its members denounced the presence of Frontex in the country and, more broadly, the global regime of asymmetric mobility. Here we publish the speech given at the press conference that opened the days of action.

Blog 04.08.23: “Our friends were detained on suspicion of being LGBTIQ+, now they are dealing with deportation.” – The double violence of xenophobia and queerphobia in Turkey by the Border Violence Monitoring Network: “This report from Turkey focuses mainly on the intersections between the struggles faced by the LGBTIQ+ community and the general conditions of detention and deportation in the country. This has come to the fore after severe repression against activities during Pride Month along with surge in police sweeps, detentions and deportations as the AKP government seeks to show it is cracking down on immigration. In the report, we give a brief overview of the current situation, how the detention-deportation tool has become a ready tool against the even the most minor resistance or dissent and sharean analysis from a long-time participant in LGBTIQ+ and feminist struggles in Turkey.”

All Africa

28.08.23: taz: „Prigoschin wird nicht zu ersetzen sein“ ("Prigozhin will be impossible to replace"): “The Russian Wagner Group has lost its leadership, but its operations in Africa will continue. Expert John Lechner explains why all governments there act as if nothing happened.”

See also 02.08.23: ACLED: Moving Out of the Shadows. Shifts in Wagner Group Operations Around the World; 12.08.23: AJE: Blackwater paved the way for Wagner: The use of contractors in the US ‘war on terror’ inspired Russia and other powers to outsource war: WOZ 31.08.: Kopflos in die Zukunft (Headless into the future)

North Africa


29.08.23: AJE: Little space for dissent as Algeria sends researcher, journalist to jail: “Canadian-Algerian researcher Raouf Farrah and Algerian journalist Mustapha Bendjama have both been sentenced to two years imprisonment by a court in the Algerian city of Constantine on charges of publishing sensitive state information. For many observers, including leading rights organisations, the arrests are part of the clampdown on dissent that followed the flight from Algeria of activist and journalist Amira Bouraoui to France. The Algerian state has been criticised by several international organisations for its policing of internal dissent.”


28.08.23: AJE: Libya’s LNA launches operations against Chad rebels along border: “LNA spokesperson Ahmad Mismari said it carried out the attack on Friday [August 25] after earlier having announced an operation to secure the frontier. The army hit Chadian rebel positions on the Libyan side of the border before launching an airborne assault. Civil unrest in Libya for the past 12 years has seen ​​rival leaders in the country forge alliances with various rebel factions in neighbouring Chad and Sudan. Earlier in the week, Chad’s President Mahamat Idriss Deby said the army was again fighting the Libya-based Chadian Front for Change and Concord (FACT) group, which quit a ceasefire last week amid clashes.”


16.08.23: AJE: Libya fighting leaves 55 dead, dozens injured: Medics: “Tripoli’s worst armed clashes in a year have killed 55 people and wounded 146, Libyan media outlets have reported, as a truce took hold. Fighting erupted on Monday [August 14] night and raged through Tuesday [August 15] between the influential 444 Brigade and the Special Deterrence Force, two of the many armed groups that have vied for power since the overthrow of longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.”


29.08.23: Guardian: Video shows woman lying dead on floor of migration detention centre in Libya: “Footage has emerged showing a woman lying dead on the floor of a migration detention centre in Libya in the latest shocking glimpse of the conditions endured by refugees in the north African country. The clip, believed to have been[...] shared with the Guardian by a group who arrived in Tunisia from Libya, shows a room inside the Abu Salim detention centre in Tripoli.”

See also 29.08.23: AJE: Death typical of Libyan camps say former detainees after video emerges:


02.08.23: University World News: Student community rejects EU-Tunisia partnership deal: “Tunisia’s student community has dismissed a partnership agreement between the European Union (EU) and Tunisia, especially pertaining to migration and investment in energy and development, indicating that the agreement drags Tunisia into Europe’s agendas and reflects the colonial nature of European policies towards Tunisia and Africa. Hossam Boujra, the secretary-general of the executive office of the General Union of Tunisian Students (UGET) has criticised the EU-Tunisia partnership package that also covers the areas of the economy and trade, and people-to-people contacts.”


10.08.23: InfoMigrants: "On a demandé si on était en prison" : en Tunisie, une cinquantaine de migrants retenus contre leur gré dans un lycée ("We asked if we were in prison": in Tunisia, around fifty migrants held against their will in a secondary school): “More than a month after the raids and expulsions of sub-Saharan migrants began in Tunisia, InfoMigrants has been in contact with a group of around fifty exiles, including three women and a little girl, who are being held prisoner in a secondary school in Kebili, in the centre of the country.”

See also 04.08.23: AJE: Tunisian minister denies expulsion of Black refugees; 09.08.23: AJE: At least 27 people found dead in desert after expulsion from Tunisia: Libya; 11.08.23: AJE: ‘You have to do it’: Refugees in Tunisia undeterred by Lampedusa shipwreck; 21.08.23: The Tahrir Institute: Externalizing Borders or Externalizing Repression? Tunisia at the Center of a Failed Asylum Architecture


23.08.23: AJE: As Saied entrenches himself in power, police brutality grows in Tunisia: “Many of the activists who regularly protest against police injustice have a story of being exposed to the batons and boots of the forces of law and order, and accounts of police violence are commonplace in Tunisia.”

See also 07.08.23: AlJazeera: Tunisia activists appeal jail terms over pollution protests


28.08.23: AJE: Analysis: Tunisia isolated, but migration realpolitik keeps Europe onside: “President Kais Saied has made a mark since coming into office in 2019, from his suspension of parliament and dismissal of the government in 2021 – seen by his opponents as a “coup” – to the imprisonment of many opposition leaders, reduction of the independence of the judiciary and rhetoric that has been blamed for a wave of anti-refugee and -migrant violence in Tunisia.”

Central and Subsaharan Africa


30.08.23: Spiegel: Militär entmachtet neue Regierung in Gabun (Mitlitary Copup in Gabon): “The Bongo family has ruled Gabon for more than 50 years. After the recent election, they silenced the opposition with curfews and broadcast bans. But now soldiers have taken up arms against the regime.”

East Africa


15.08.21: TNH: Ethiopia shaken by a new and growing rebellion in Amhara: Two weeks after irregular militia fighters called the Fano seized several towns and cities in Amhara, Ethiopia’s second-biggest region, the barricades have been cleared from the streets and an uneasy calm has been restored by the federal military. The fighting was the fiercest to grip Ethiopia since a November ceasefire ended the two-year conflict in the next-door region of Tigray.

See also 01.08.23: TNH: Boom to bust: Fallout of war and drought leaves Ethiopians mired in poverty; 04.08.23: AJE: Ethiopia declares state of emergency following clashes in Amhara; 10.08.23: ACLED: Fact Sheet: Crisis in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region

Saudi Arabia

21.08.23: HRW: Saudi Arabia: Mass Killings of Migrants at Yemen Border: “Saudi border guards have killed at least hundreds of Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers who tried to cross the Yemen-Saudi border between March 2022 and June 2023, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. If committed as part of a Saudi government policy to murder migrants, these killings, which appear to continue, would be a crime against humanity”. Find the report here.


23.08.23: AJE: Healthcare hits new lows in Somaliland as conflict continues: “Eight months into a conflict between armed forces of the breakaway state of Somaliland and local Dhulbahante militias in Las Anod, Somalia, hospitals in the embattled city are desperately working to maintain lifesaving supplies. Although the conflict has been effectively reduced to a deadlock, with neither the Somaliland forces nor the Dhulbahante militias able to decisively shift the balance of the fighting, the Somaliland army has continued to indiscriminately target civilian areas of Las Anod with mortars and artillery.”


15.08.23: Ayin: The Road to Adré, Sudan’s most dangerous journey: The route to safety for Darfuris fleeing ethnically targeted violence by Sudan’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and allied militias is a relatively short 30-kilometre road that snakes a path to a refugee camp in neighbouring Chad. But those who have recently traversed the road – studded with militia checkpoints and strewn with corpses and mass graves – say it is the most dangerous journey they have ever undertaken.

See also 03.08.23: AJE: Widespread war crimes committed in Sudan, Amnesty International says; 15.08.23: AJE: ‘Every checkpoint could be your last’: The perilous road to safety for Darfuri refugees; 16.08.23: AJE: UN: One million people flee Sudan as situation ‘spirals out of control’; 17.08.23: AJE: HRW, UN raise alarm over rape accusations against Sudan’s RSF; 17.08.23: taz: Humanitäre Krise in Tschad: Flüchtlinge aus Sudan verhungert (Refugees from Sudan Die of Hunger)


25.08.23: AJE: UN warns Sudan conflict ‘threatens to consume the entire country’: “´The war in Sudan is fuelling a humanitarian emergency of epic proportions`, Martin Griffiths, the under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator said in a statement on Friday.”

See also 01.08.23: TNH: Sudanese aid workers face hundreds of job losses; 22.08.23: AJE: Fighting for army base rages for third day in Sudan’s capital Khartoum; 28.08.23: AJE: Sudan’s RSF floats ‘peace plan’ as army chief says no deal with ‘traitors’; 29.08.23: AJE: Sudan army chief visits Egypt on first trip abroad since conflict broke out; AJE 30.08.: ‘Political ploy’: Activists, experts rubbish RSF’s Sudan peace proposal


10.08.23: AJE: Uganda defiant after World Bank halts funding over anti-LGBTQ law: “President Yoweri Museveni has criticised the World Bank’s decision to suspend new funding to Uganda in response to a harsh anti-LGBTQ law and has promised to find alternative sources of credit. Museveni, who has been in office since 1986, said in a statement on Thursday [August 10] that Uganda was trying to reduce borrowing and would not give in to pressure from foreign institutions.”

See also 29.08.23: AJE: Uganda man charged with ‘aggravated homosexuality’, faces death penalty

West Africa


28.08.23: AJE: ISIL doubled territory it controls in Mali in less than a year: UN: “UN experts say the armed group now controls rural areas in eastern Menaka and large parts of the Ansongo area in northern Gao. The armed group ISIL (ISIS) has almost doubled its territory in Mali in less than a year, United Nations experts have said in a new report. The stalled implementation of a peace deal and sustained attacks on communities have offered ISIL and an al-Qaeda affiliate also operating in the region a chance ´to re-enact the 2012 scenario`, it said.”


29.08.23: taz: Die UNO geht, der Terror kommt (The UN goes, terror comes): “The tight schedule poses major challenges for Minusma It involves the repatriation of nearly 13,000 uniformed personnel, the handover of twelve camps and the transport of some 5,500 containers of equipment. Since the weekend [August 23], at the latest, it has also become clear what has long been rather dismissed: the withdrawal leaves UN forces on the sidelines. The Islamic State terrorist group claims to have executed a Malian who worked as a local force for the Bundeswehr.One flashpoint: the northern city of Timbuktu. In recent weeks, reports have increased that it is once again under siege by terrorist groups, as in 2012.”

See also 12.08.23: VoA: Tuareg Ex-Rebels say Forces Attacked by Mali Army, Wagner; 15.08.23: taz: Malis Tuareg werden wieder Kriegspartei (Mali's Tuareg become warring party again); 13.08.23: AJE: UN forces in Mali speed up withdrawal as security deteriorates;


08.08.23: Reuters: Mali's troops, foreign partners target women to 'spread terror' - UN report: “Mali's troops and its foreign security partners, believed to be Russia's Wagner mercenaries, are using violence against women and other ´grave human rights abuses` to spread terror, U.N. sanctions monitors said in a report seen by Reuters on Monday. The monitors also warned in their report to the U.N Security Council that the sexual violence by Mali's troops and their foreign security partners is ´systematic.` They said the foreign partners were ´presumed to be elements of the Wagner Group`."


18.08.23: CNN: ECOWAS sets ‘D-Day’ for possible military intervention in Niger: “Abdel-Fatau Musah, the Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace & Security of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) bloc, said that military forces are “ready to go anytime the order is given” for military intervention in Niger. ´The D-day is also decided, which we are not going to disclose,` Musah told journalists after the two-day meeting of West African defense chiefs in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. Last week, ECOWAS ordered the “activation” of a regional standby force to prepare itself to enter Niger, which was taken over by a military junta on July 26.”

See also 03.08.23: AJE: Pro-coup protests continue in Niger as Biden urges Bazoum release; 05.08.23: Guardian: West African bloc prepares for military action as Niger coup deadline looms; 08.08.23: Foreignpolicy: Military Intervention in Niger Is Bound to Fail; 09.08.23; Spiegel: Anger Against France Grows in Africa's "Coup Belt"; 11.08.23: MMC: Niger coup: increasing instability, forced displacement & irregular migration across the Sahel; 15.08.23: AJE: Niger coup: Will the West change its security approach to the Sahel?; 16.08.23: AJE: More than a dozen Niger soldiers killed in attack near Mali border; 20.08.23: AJE: Pro-coup rally in Niger after threat of military intervention; 20.08.23: AJE: Timeline: What has happened in Niger since the coup?; 21.08.23: bpb: Militärputsch in Niger (Military Coup in Niger); 25.08.23: AJE: Niger military rulers order France ambassador to leave the country; 25.08.23: Spiegel: Nigers Junta schließt Militärpakt mit Burkina Faso und Mali (Niger's junta concludes military pact with Burkina Faso and Mali); 30.08.23: Germanforeignpolicy: UNICEF and WFP warn against ECOWAS sanctions; More articles in “Echoes of the Sahel”


17.08.23: NYT: More Than 60 Migrants Presumed Dead After Boat Capsizes Off Cape Verde: “More than 60 migrants are believed to have died after a boat carrying them from Senegal capsized in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Verde [...]. The vessel carrying mostly Senegalese nationals was found off the coast of the West Arican archipelago. Thirty-eight people survived.”

West Asia

Saudi Arabia

31.08.23: Tagesschau: Grenzschutz in Saudi-Arabien Von Deutschland ausgebildet? (Border Guard in Saudi Arabia Trained by Germany?): “Saudi Arabian border guards are said to have systematically shot refugees at the border with Yemen. According to Monitor research, Germany plays a much larger role in training border guards than the German government is willing to admit.”

See also HRW 21.08.23: Saudi Arabia: Mass Killings of Migrants at Yemen Border; Guardian 30.08.23: Germany and US trained Saudi forces accused of killing Yemen migrants; Guardian 01.09.23: Germany says it ended training of Saudi border forces after abuses reported


10.08.23: taz: Grenzübergang nach Syrien offen (Border crossing to Syria open): “Bab al-Hawa, the main crossing point for cross-border humanitarian aid into Syria, will reopen. The United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths, has reached a direct agreement with the Syrian regime: The crossing will remain open for six months to allow trucks carrying food, medicine or hygiene items, as well as aid workers, to reach rebel areas.”


29.08.23: Syrian rebel group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham steps up anti-government operations: “A top armed opposition group operating in Syria’s last rebel stronghold says it will continue to carry out operations against the Syrian government as government forces and their ally Russia ramp up aerial attacks on the region.[...] ´Russia has fallen into the quagmire of the war on Ukraine and cannot start new battles”`. The rebel-held Idlib region is home to about three million people, about half of them displaced from other parts of the country.”


25.08.21: AJE: Anti-government protests in Syria continue for sixth day: “Anti-government demonstrations have taken place in several provinces in Syria, as protesters called for an overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad, in scenes reminiscent of the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011. Hundreds of protesters gathered on Friday in Sweida and Deraa, both in southern Syria, northern Aleppo and Idlib, in the northwest, and Deir Az Zor, Raqqa and Hassakeh, in the northeast. The protests began six days ago in government-controlled Sweida, as frustration at price rises led to the chanting of anti-government slogans.”

See also 21.08.23: AJE: Strike, protests in Syria’s Sweida enter second day; 26.08.23: Guardian: Anti-government protests shake Syrian provinces amid anger over economy



11.08.23: AP News: Cyprus is sending Syrian migrants back to Lebanon. The UN is concerned but Cypriots say it’s lawful: Cyprus has returned 109 Syrian nationals “´from Cyprus to Lebanon without being screened to determine whether they need legal protection and who may be deported back to their war-wracked homeland`. The Cyprus government said such returns are being lawfully carried out in line with a bilateral agreement the island nation and neighboring Lebanon signed in 2004. According to senior Interior Ministry official Loizos Hadjivasiliou, the agreement obligates Lebanon to prevent and stop illegal border crossings and illegal migration of individuals who depart from Lebanon.”


18.08.23: German Bundestag: Abschiebungen und Ausreisen im ersten Halbjahr 2023 (Deportations and departures in the first half of 2023): In the first half of 2023, a total of 7,861 deportations were completed. Destination countries are listed in a table.


15.08.23: Alarmphone: Evros one week on: Another chapter in the deadly European border regime: “Last week we published a report about a group who had been stuck at the land border between Türkiye and Greece since July 13th. One week later, we are still in contact with the group who tell us of violence, imprisonment, and further push backs to Türkiye in spite of the outstanding Interim Measures. The Interim Measures were granted on August 2nd from the European Court of Human Rights, and ordered the Greek state to provide them with assistance.”


24.08.23: taz: Feuer, Hitze und Hetze (Fire, heat and agitation): “Right-wing campaign in Greece: Migrants are to blame for the devastating forest fires. 18 refugees were burnt to death in the Evros region on Tuesday [August 22].”

Italy/Tunisia 22.08.23: Repubblica: Salvataggi delle Ong: “L’Italia ora ci ordina di sbarcare in Tunisia” (NGO rescues: 'Italy now orders us to land in Tunisia'): "Call Tunisia, take the migrants there". This is what the commander of the Sea Watch ship Aurora was told on Friday [August 18] when he called the Rescue Coordination Centre in Rome to ask for an alternative port of disembarkation to the assigned one of Trapani, too far to reach with the remaining fuel. On board were the 72 migrants from a wooden boat that was crossing in the area that falls under the theoretical responsibility of Libya.

See also Ariana Poletti:


19.08.23: Tagesschau: Hunderte Menschen auf Mittelmeer gerettet (Hundreds of Persons saved on the Med): “Various aid teams have rescued several hundred people on the Mediterranean Sea in recent days. German organizations were also in action. Problems and criticism are caused by the assigned ports.”

See also 08.08.23: taz: Lampedusa: Notstand als neue Normalität (Lampedusa: State of Emergency as New Normality)


20.08.23: Alarmphone: 110 people escaping Lebanon abducted to Libya!: “On 18 August, Alarm Phone was in contact with a boat carrying about 110 people on board, including 40 children. They had fled from Lebanon and were trying to escape to Italy. They had reached the Search and Rescue (SAR) zone of Malta when they told Alarm Phone at 14:56h CEST that a vessel with a Libyan flag was chasing after them and armed men were shooting at them, injuring one person on board. On 20 August, relatives of the people on board contacted Alarm Phone and told us that they feared the 110 people have been abducted to Libya and are being held in a military prison in Benghazi.”

See also 11.08.23: AJE: The Libyan militia illegally towing back vulnerable refugees


14.08.23: taz: Tote Geflüchtete im Ärmelkanal: Die Rettung kam zu spät (Dead refugees in the English Channel: The rescue came too late): “Eight people are believed to have died Saturday in the worst boat accident since 2021 on the refugee route across the English Channel from France to Britain. French and British authorities confirmed over the weekend that six young men from Afghanistan died after being rescued. Around 60 other boat passengers from Afghanistan and Sudan were rescued by the British and French coastguards. Only on Thursday, the British coast guard had confirmed the crossing of 755 refugees - the highest daily figure ever recorded.”

European Union


08.08.: SZ: Von Menschen und Paragrafen (Of men and paragraphs) [paywall]: The EU is counting on agreements with countries around the Mediterranean to reduce refugee numbers. The Tunisia agreement is supposed to be the blueprint for this. But now there are doubts as to whether the treaty was even legally concluded.


08.08.23: Matthias Monroy: EU Commission gifts Egypt patrol boats to become a gatekeeper for migration, following Tunisian model: “The EU Commission wants to conclude a migration defense agreement with Egypt and is upgrading the country’s land and sea borders. However, hardly any refugee boats leave from Egyptian shores for Europe.”


08.11.23: Frontex: Central Mediterranean accounts for more than half of irregular crossings into EU: “The number of detections of irregular border crossings at EU’s external borders rose 13% in the first seven months of 2023 to 176 100, the highest total for the January-July period since 2016, according to preliminary calculations*. The increase was entirely driven by the number of arrivals through the Central Mediterranean, which remains the main migratory route into the EU and accounts for more than half of all detections at EU borders. The number of irregular crossings on this route more than doubled (+115%).”

Reports and Long Reads

16.08.23 AJE: Syria to Libya, then Europe: How people smugglers operate: The AFP news agency interviewed Syrian smugglers and refugees about the journey to migration hub Libya, notorious for rights abuses, and then across the central Mediterranean – the world’s deadliest migration route.

August 23 Alarme Phone Sahara: Report of the Transnational Conference on the Criminalisation of Migration 27 and 28 February 2023 in Niamey, Niger: “Finally, the Alarme Phone Sahara presents its report on the conference on the criminalisation of migration, in particular through the Nigerien "anti-smuggling" law 2015-036. The issues discussed remain highly topical.”

August 23 borderline-europe: ITALIAN-LIBYAN PACTS ON MIGRATION. How a renovated partnership is negatively impacting the rights of people on the move: “The consequences of the cooperation forged by the bilateral agreement are negative,

as people who are pulled back to Libya experience traumatic and life-threatening

situations. Despite multiple testimonies, both Italy and the European Union are

continuing to collaborate with and finance the Libyan authorities, guilty of crimes

against humanity, and thus confirming their conscious contribution to the suffering of

people on the move.”

03.08.23 DeZIM: Kein „Pull-Effekt“ durch Seenotrettung (No "pull effect" by sea rescue): “The study applied its innovative methods to multiple data sources, including information from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), the Tunisian and Libyan coast guards, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the UNITED for Intercultural Action network. The authors ran simulations with these data to identify factors that best explain variations in the number of border crossings. Factors evaluated included the number of government and private search and rescue operations, exchange rates, international commodity prices, conflict and violence in different regions, unemployment rates, air traffic between African, Middle Eastern, and European countries, and weather conditions.”

01.08.23 Fanack: EU and Egyptian Migration Policies Exacerbate Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan: “Over the last weeks, it has become increasingly difficult for Sudanese people to flee to neighboring Egypt. According to an official statement, Egypt has changed its entry requirements on June 10th, 2023, to better regulate the influx of people, and to counter ‘unlawful activities.’ As a consequence of the new policies, many people find themselves stuck between the raging war and the Sudan-Egypt border.“

17.08.23 Jungle World: »Das Geschäft mit den Grenzen wird weiter wachsen« ("The business with borders will continue to grow"): Helena Maleno Garzón, activist migration researcher, in conversation about the "Canary Islands Route" and EU migration policy.

30.08.23 medico international et al.: “What safety are they talking about? Why Turkey cannot be considered a ‘safe third country’ – an expert opinion: “The extended scope and application of the ‘safe third country’ concept is an essential component of the European Union (EU)’s ‘New Pact on Migration and Asylum’ and the reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). The ‘safe third country’ concept, in practice, allows asylum applications of people who have travelled through such a ‘safe third country’ to be deemed inadmissible. [...] In conclusion, the present expert opinion finds that Turkey does not comply with the ‘safe third country’ criteria [...].”

16.08.23 NYT: Welcome to Europe, Where Mass Death Has Become Normal: Sally Hayden on Situation in Sfax: Migration — and the West’s reaction to it — is one of the defining stories of our age. At the moment, it’s a tale of disaster and death, cruelty and complicity. We urgently need to find a better approach.

August 23 Transnational Institute: Telling the story of EU border militarization: “For the last few months, a number of organisations involved in human rights and migration have worked together to produce this guide; which provides that story, as part of a narrative guide to communicating about border militarisation and its consequences.”


15.08.23 Nawaat: Against the anti-migrant and anti-Black policies of the EU and Tunisia: An open letter from 379 researchers and members of civil society from the Global South and the Global North against the “Memorandum of Understanding on a Strategic and Comprehensive Partnership between the European Union (EU) and Tunisia” and against the EU’s border externalisation policies.


04.-09.09.23, Zurich: enough. – Actions days on migration struggles and anti-racist resistance: enough. is a platform, a meeting point, a stage, an information point, and a place to exchange ideas. We want to shine a light on anti-racist initiatives and resistance to the migration system. The Action Days 2023 are dedicated to the topic “Racist State Violence and Resistance against it”.

07.09.2023, 7 pm CEST, Palermo: Decriminalize Migration. Struggles and practices of resistance by Iuventa Crew, ECCHR, Captain Support and Amnesty International: Discussion on the decriminalization of migration and mutual support! To strengthen our networks, we’ll share information about criminalisation in the EU and the Global South, and explore diverse practices of resistance to decriminalize facilitation.

14.-19.09.23, Calais: Noborder Camp in Calais – Dunkerque – This prison must never be built! Contact:

17.09.23, 3 pm, Calais: Demonstration against the new deportation jail: A public demonstration against the opening of the CRA will take place in the city center of Calais on Sunday September 17 at 3 p.m. Contact:

27.-29.10., Bologna: Next meeting of the Transnational Social Strike Platform

„Breaking the Barrier: Confronting the Transnational Dimension”

For the past year and a half, the war in Ukraine and its widespread consequences have impacted the spaces and possibilities of political organizing. In the wake of pandemic, a global crisis in social reproduction, and the escalating effects of the climate crisis, the consequences of war politics at a world scale are now being felt in the lives of migrants, workers, women and LGBTQI+ people well beyond the war zones. While fostering nationalism, the war highlights the prominence of what happens across borders. To resist and refuse the politics of war, we need to build a common horizon and face the question of what it means to organize transnationally. For these reasons, after the meetings in Sofia and Frankfurt, we call to meet again in Bologna on the 27-29 October….“ Details and registration