Air Deportation

The issue 5 of antiAtlas Journal addresses questions of Air Deportation through 14 international articles and unpublished researches. It is based on the Air Deportation project led by the political sociologist William Walters who directs the issue with the anthropologists Clara Lecadet and Cédric Parizot, and on contributions from a call for proposals. Its design is conceived by Thierry Fournier, artist and curator. This issue is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Air deportation is an approach to the expulsion of people that takes seriously the systems of transportation that are central to these processes. This article introduces the idea of air deportation, embeds it in geopolitics and struggles over migration and borders, and argues that this perspective moves us beyond a Eurocentric view of expulsion. Then by introducing the various approaches and format of the contributions making up this special issue, it highlights to what extent documenting air deportation intervenes into a a complex visibility regime in which the ways in which information circulates is very much a part of contemporary forms of government and of migration management.

antiAtlas Journal is an annual, bilingual and free online journal that addresses questions of contemporary borders, through a close collaboration between researchers and artists. Its design radically renews the experience of reading research articles, opening up multiple relationships between texts and media. It is co-directed by Jean Cristofol, Anna Guilló, Cédric Parizot and Thierry Fournier.

Full titleAir Deportation: (In)Visibility, Power, and Resistance
AuthorWilliam Walters et al.
PublisherantiAtlas Journal
Media typeWebsite
Topics Detention, Deportation & Pushbacks
Regions All Regions

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