At the Polish-Belarussion Border


The humanitarian crisis that we have been witnessing for the past three months on the Polish-Belarusian border (as well as on Belarus' borders with Latvia and Lithuania) is unprecedented in Europe. No country has ever attempted what is people smuggling on such a large scale. Orchestrating migration has become the Belarusian regime's tool to inflict vengeance on the European Union — including on Poland — for their political

decisions. [...]

Our report focuses on the situation of migrant women and men in the Polish-Belarusian border region. It is based on information and data collected by activists from Grupa Granica (GG) who have been working in the border area since mid-August, 2021, with the primary aim to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants and support them in accessing relevant legal procedures, with an additional objective of monitoring and documenting law and human rights violations.

In the report, we present various data. Some are information published by the Polish Border Guard, which we try to interpret and explain. We also used data collected during fieldwork directly from migrants, activists, residents of border areas, as well as representatives of NGOs that are part of Grupa Granica and other organisations, such as Fundacja Ocalenie and Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej. In the black text boxes, we present short stories describing the assistance provided to people trapped in the border area — we report them as they were passed on to us by activists providing direct assistance (though anonymised and slightly edited).

Full titleHumanitariancrisis atthePolish-Belarusian border
AuthorGrupa Granica
PublisherGrupa Granica
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Topics Detention, Deportation & Pushbacks
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