Burkina Faso Self Defence Groups

In Early 2020, the ‘Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland’ (VDP) was created on the back of existing self-defense groups in Burkina Faso such as the Koglweogo and Dozo. Upon creation, Burkinabé president Roch Kaboré emphasized that the VDP were to be an inclusive force for each ‘region, ethnicity, political opinion and religious denomination’. One year after its creation, it is time to take stock.

Unfortunately, it is overwhelmingly clear that the VDP are not inclusive and are instead accused of worsening the intercommunal conflicts in Burkina Faso, especially between pastoralists and cultivators.

Full titleThe Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland
Media typeArticle
Topics Military Missions, Perspectives on Migration
Regions Sahara and Sahel

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