Challenges of Current Societal Transformations

Based on current societal challenges, different theoretical approaches will be discussed outlining the shift from migration to mobility research. Globalization has broken a long lasting equilibrium, which has led to the emergence of new actors and restructured questions of human mobility. In particular, the qualification to deserve being part of the protected core of modern societies is stratifying our communities and thus determining the value of social cohesion. Threatened by exclusion, the division of society across party lines into cosmopolitans and communitarians is increasing. A different view on migration societies is therefore needed, able to rethink the present in a dramatic new way.

Full titleMobility in Times of Turbulence: Challenges of Current Societal Transformations
AuthorGianni D'Amato
PublisherJournal of Migration Studies, 1(1)
Media typeEssay
Topics Migration Routes & Transport
Regions All Regions

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