Covid-19 and Migrants in Niger

This survey considers the impact of Covid-19 on the mobility, livelihood situation and socio-economic rights, such as access to healthservices, sanitation, housing and education in Niger between July and September. 527 migrants (30% and 70%) were questioned. Among others, 91 % of all respondents stated that Covid-19 impacted their journeys and 41% stated that it impacted their migrationplans. 60% reported that the pandemic did not affect their decision to migrate. Further, a significant proportion (52%) felt that they could access healthcare if needed, while 20% were unsure.

Full titleCovid-19 and the socio-economic situation of migrants in Niger: Analysis of 4Mi data collected in Niger between July and September 2020
Media typeReport / PDF
Topics International governmental organisations, IGOs (UNHCR, IOM), Migration Routes & Transport, Perspectives on Migration
Regions Sahara and Sahel, West Africa

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