European Politics of Border Externalization in Lebanon

The European support to border enforcement in Lebanon has remained surprisingly under documented. The research presented below intends to be a first step to increase visibility and accountability of European policies in Lebanon, especially regarding their consequences for the human rights situation. This is particularly important as European border externalization practices have been increasing in Lebanon, resulting in human rights violations being repeatedly committed by the Lebanese authorities with the support of the EU and European States. Therefore, the support of the EU and European States to Lebanese security agencies in their border-related tasks is the topic if this study.

Full titleEuropean Politics of Border Externalization in Lebanon. Securitization of Migration Management and Systemic Human Rights Violations
AuthorLebanese Centre for Human Rights (CLDH)
Media typeBroshure / PDF
Topics European Agencies (Frontex, GIZ & Co), Border and Surveillance Technology & Industry, Detention, Deportation & Pushbacks, European Externalization Policies & Cash Flows
Regions Aegaeis – Turkey – Mashreq

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