Gender in Migration Studies

The figure of the female migrant has been a major focus of feminist thought in the German-speaking migration studies since the early 1980s. The article provides some reflections on the past to show how a number of milestones in feminist thought have influenced migration studies. It then continues with reflections on the present stance that analyses the dominant (re)production of (post-)migration realities as a gendered, ethnicized/racialized and classrelated project(s). Finally, the article concludes with a discussion of the prospects of gender-sensitive migration research in relation to postcolonial, decolonial and queer approaches to migrant othering.

Full titleGender in Migration Studies: From Feminist Legacies to Intersectional, Post- and Decolonial Prospects
PublisherJournal of Migration Studies, 1(1)
Media typeEssay
Topics Perspectives on Migration
Regions All Regions

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