History of Noborder Network

The expressed aim was to publicly call for the accommodation of illegal migrants and help with their entry into the country and their onward journeys, to call for work procurement and the organization of health care or facilitation for the school attendance of their children. Much more than provocation, it was about the propagation, preparation and realization of practical and political support for people without regular papers as it had in fact already existed, but mostly secretly, for years. Public opinion in Germany seemed almost to forbid speaking of refugees and migrants in a terms other than swindlers, cut-rate workers or criminals. Thus in the 90s in Germany, hardly 6 months went by without serious restrictions in the laws: employment and occupational bans, reduction in maintenance costs, procedural and constitutional changes, not to mention the insidious rearmament of the East German border in the battle against illegal immigration and the so-called gangs of people smugglers. "No one is illegal" chose a fundamentally different perspective: the discussion was not of illegal immigrants and their supposed motivation, but of people who were systematically denied civil rights and above all the right to have rights at all. Numbers and statistics weren't ranted about, instead what was called for was what is normally a matter of course, but has meanwhile been declared a criminal offense: aiding and abetting illegal entry and residence.

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