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When the IOM was founded in 1951 it has been intended to create a counter-agency to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The IOM, like the International Organisation for Labour (ILO) reflected the Cold War and Truman doctrine; amongst others it played a role in an early brain drain from the Eastern Bloc to the West and in establishing new pro-capitalist states. Under the leadership of the USA, the IOM, other than the UNHCR has not been based on humanitarian principles but on economical considerations. Their basic policy is not concerned with the well being of people but the well being of economies. Secondly, their ideology is based on racist principles of homogeneous ethnic states and xenophobic concepts of ‘home’. That says it all. In an era of globalisation migration appears as a major social movement against the imperialist concept of zones of differentiated reproduction cost. The IOM has been best prepared to implement concepts of enforcing the borders necessary to uphold such a regime and to conform to new forms of neoliberal migration management.

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Full titleCampaign to Combat Global Migration Management. IOM Counter Bulletin
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