Return Mania

When it comes to irregular migration and management of border control, Egypt may seem to be the good

student of the Mediterranean. In 2018, Egypt’s internal development minister recalled that “no illegal

immigration boat has departed from Egypt since 2016 […] because Egypt has adopted a comprehensive

strategy to address illegal migration”. The EU-Egypt cooperation on migration is not new, but has intensified

following the so-called ‘migration crisis’ of the summer 2015. It became a priority of the bilateral cooperation

when both parts renewed their relationship with new partnership priorities added in 20171. In addition to

development aid and institutional capacity building, Egypt benefits from EUR 89 million under the EU Trust

Fund for Africa to support “its efforts in enhancing migration management, addressing the root causes of

irregular migration and sustaining local communities hosting refugees”.

Full titleReturn Mania. Mapping policies and practices in the EuroMed Region. Chapter 5 Egypt: a repressive environment, fertile ground for the EU’s return obsession
PublisherEuro Med Rights
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Topics Detention, Deportation & Pushbacks, European Externalization Policies & Cash Flows
Regions North Africa

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