Slaughter at the Nador-Melilla Border

Since May this year, the camps in the woods around Melilla have become a war zone. Military incursions using increasingly aggressive strategies and military equipment have taken place two or three times a week, resulting in significant harm to people and property.

The security forces attack migrants’ camps in the early hours of the morning. First, groups of soldiers surround the ghettos1 as the migrants sleep, taking them by surprise. Then helicopters arrive and begin to spray gas, which, according to statements from migrants, is intended to choke them as they flee from the auxiliary forces.

These operations last for hours and end with the camps being razed to the ground. In each raid, the refugees lose the few material belongings that they still possess. They also report a deterioration in their physical and mental health as a result of these practices.

Full titleSlaughter at the Nador-Melilla Border. 24 June 2022
AuthorCaminando Fronteras
PublisherCaminando Fronteras
Media typeReport / PDF
Topics Border and Surveillance Technology & Industry, Detention, Deportation & Pushbacks
Regions North Africa

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