Social media use among Nigerian refugees

This new paper explores the experiences of abuse or exploitation among Nigerians during their migration journey, and how use of social media relates to a sense of increased risk or protection. In doing so it examines factors of gender, preferred destination and particularly smuggler use.

Based on surveys carried out with 423 Nigerians on the move through Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Tunisia who had used social media during their journey, the key findings include:

  • Previous MMC analyses of data from a range of West African refugees and migrants showed that smugglers were less frequently perceived to be perpetrators of abuses en route than other actors. However, when focusing solely on Nigerians, smugglers are cited as perpetrators more frequently than other actors.
  • Overall, using social media during the migration journey did not appear to pose a substantial risk, with 79% of respondents stating that they had not experienced any negative incidents using social media while en route. 
  • Almost three quarters of respondents felt that social media made them safer during the journey. 
Full titleSocial media use among Nigerian refugees and migrants: Risk or protection factor?
PublisherMixed Migration Centre
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Topics Migration Routes & Transport
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