The vulnerability to exploitation of women migrant workers

This study, commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens' Rights and Constitutional Affairs at the request of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, explores the working conditions of migrant women in agriculture in the EU, focusing on some case studies in Italy and Spain. In particular, it aims to examine the factors that render women vulnerable to exploitation, paying attention to gendered dynamics and power relations. The study contends that to prevent and combat exploitation in agriculture it is necessary to implement concerted actions aimed at tackling, from a human rights and gender perspective, the structural factors of a socio-economic system which
fosters and relies on workers’ vulnerability.

Full titleThe vulnerability to exploitation of women migrant workers in agriculture in the EU: the need for a Human Rights and Gender based approach
PublisherEuropean Parliament
Media typeReport / PDF
Topics Migrant Labour & Exploitation
Regions Europe

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