Vulneraciones de Derechos en la Frontera Sur: Gran Canaria y Melilla

This report is based on fieldwork carried out during one week on the island of Gran Canaria and 4 days in Melilla. A team of 5 people, composed of 3 members of Irídia and two external researchers, carried out fieldwork in Gran Canaria between the 2nd and the 8th of December. The interdisciplinary team was composed of an expert in international relations, a psychologist, a political scientist, a communicator and a lawyer. The team conducted several in-depth interviews with both local and international entities present on the ground.


  • Contexto Migratorio actual
  • Las Llegadasa por via maritima a Canarias
  • La situación en Gran Canaria
  • Deportaciones en un contexto de opacidad
  • Conclusiones
Full titleUnspecified
Media typePDF
Topics European Agencies (Frontex, GIZ & Co), European Externalization Policies & Cash Flows, Migration Routes & Transport
Regions Europe, West Africa

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