Alarmphone Analysis, 1 April - 30 June 2021




At least for the international media, the last three months on the routes to Spain were remarkable for the large number of crossings around 18 May. In just a few days more than 10,000 people crossed the border into the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. We describe these events in more detail in part 1 of this report. Like all parts of the report, it is based on the constant work of Alarm Phone activists in the Western Mediterranean region and beyond. The report documents the continuing violence and repression against travellers and their ongoing resistance against it. The border crossings in May are no exception to those dynamics. People on the move are still instrumentalised in (political) power plays. Whatever the rhetoric deployed at the state level, the reality is that people on the move are deceived, detained, deported and denied access to proper housing. Self-organised infrastructures are destroyed (see for example parts 3.4 and 3.6).

Repression in Morocco is always high and even intensified after the May-crossings (see 3.2). This is why, with the exception of these few days in May, many people have abandoned the traditional jumping off points like Nador (see 3.3). Others, like the Rifean harraga, face interceptions at sea by the Marine Royale, the Moroccan Navy (see 3.7).

The Atlantic route to the Canary islands (see 3.1) remains the most frequented passage to Spain. This despite the continuous expansion of the repressive apparatuses in North-West African countries funded by European countries. The deadly outcome of these policies can be seen in the shocking numbers of dead and missing people (see part 4). In defiance of this politics, people keep on moving (see part 2) and protesting. We are enthusiastic supporters of their campaign to abolish Frontex (see part 3.5)

1 Promotion of migration – the crossings of May 2021

2 Sea crossings and AP experiences

3 News from the regions

3.1 Atlantic route

3.2 Tangier and the Strait of Gibraltar

3.3 The enclaves: Ceuta and Melilla

3.4 Nador and the forests

3.5 Oujda and the Algerian borderzone

3.6 Algeria

3.7 Rif region

4 Shipwrecks and missing people

Full titleAlarm Phone: Western Mediterranean and Atlantic Regional Analysis, 1 April - 30 June 2021
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